Tips on How You Can Achieve a Baby Smooth Face

Once upon a time, we were all babies with soft, silky smooth and glowing skin. A beautiful sight to behold. However, over the years, our skin has lost its glory due to many factors, including these:

  • Exposure to harsh weather
  • Hormonal level changes due to puberty, pregnancy, stress and menopause.
  • Daily routine.

You can achieve a baby smooth face by using various facial treatments. Apart from clinical procedures, spa treatments or acne facial treatments, lifestyle changes is also essential in achieving a baby smooth skin.

Tips for achieving baby smooth skin:

Drink a lot of water
There are many toxins and waste that collects on our skin and cause blemishes, pimples, acne and blackheads. Drinking plenty of water helps flush out these toxins and waste. When you are dehydrated, your skin becomes dry and loses elasticity. Water helps to restore and maintain skin elasticity.

Clean up regularly
Wash your face at least twice, or even thrice, daily if you use makeup. When doing this, use soap free body wash or mild soap. Clean less often if you have sensitive skin. Cleaning your face removes dead cells and oil build up. Use a clean pair of hands to clean your face. Use your fingertips to clean gently in a circular, outward motion. Pat your face dry using a clean, soft towel. Your facial skin is very delicate, therefore try using fabric that is gentle on your skin. Avoid over cleaning your face. It is good to clean your face regularly but doing it frequently causes skin irritation.

Use sunscreen
If you are going to leave your house for outdoor activities, wear sunscreen on your face. This will protect your face from harmful sun rays that cause acne, premature ageing as well as skin cancer.

Use suitable facial products
Know your skin type and purchase products suitable for your skin type. For makeup, use less oily ones and always clean your brushes. Wash off makeup before sleeping to open up pores and allows excretion. This will go a long way in acquiring a baby smooth face.

Have a healthy diet
Consume healthy foods containing a lot of fruits and vegetables. Highly processed foods are not advisable as they cause overproduction of oil which causes skin blemishes.

Avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. Smoking prevents the free flow of oxygen in the blood and can cause premature ageing. Alcohol, on плед покривало the other hand, causes dehydration as well as swelling of the face.

Regulate stress levels
Stress is a key contributor to premature ageing and formation of wrinkles as it leads to hormonal level changes. Try to lower stress levels by staying positive and being happy.

Exfoliate your skin
You can use over-the-counter products or home remedies. Note that home remedies are easily available, there is variety to chose from and are cheaper постільна білизна від виробника with less chemical additives.

Home remedies for Facial Treatment
Some home remedies seem a bit strange but have been proven to work as well as commercial products. For instance;

  • A milk and honey bath on a monthly basis.
  • Use of natural oils such as olive oil and tea tree oil.
  • Lemon and Aloe Vera extracts.
  • Sugar to exfoliate

With these, you can rest assured of a baby smooth face and skin that will keep heads turning.


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