Health Factors to Consider When Getting a Facial

Facial treatment is a way of cleaning your skin to remove accumulated sebum, dirt, bacteria and dead cells on your face. This can be done by yourself or a professional, using over the counter products or home remedies. The purpose is to look better. However, there are health factors to be kept in mind before going for acne facial treatments.

Risks of a Poor Facial Treatment
When you do not consider the right procedures for facial treatment, you risk adverse effects such as;

  • Acne
  • Redness and itchiness on your face.
  • Blackheads
  • Dry skin

Steps to follow when getting a Facial Treatment

When performing a facial, there is contact with the skin through hands, tools, machines and brushes. It is important that these tools are properly sanitised before use. Poor hygiene provides a good environment for bacteria to thrive and to be transferred to the skin during this process. This leads to a worsening of skin conditions, worsening existing blemishes and bringing in more infections.

At the spa, ensure that the place observes high level cleanliness including the aesthetician and the towel used on your face.

The aesthetician attending to you must be a skilled professional. Only then can he or she know what to do and can recommend the appropriate treatment. Less qualified individuals can end up further damaging your skin.

You should discuss your skin worries and expectations with the aesthetician beforehand and bring along the facial products that you use. A skilled professional will analyse your situation and recommend suitable treatment and products according to your skin type or condition.

Know Your Skin Type
What is your skin type? Is it oily, dry or normal? From this knowledge, you will be able to know what facial products are suitable. By using proper skin products for your skin, you are ensuring the best possible result. Avoid products with chemicals that cause negative reaction from your skin.

Aside from skin type, you should know what allergies you may have. Read the components of a product to find out if there is any that may react badly with your skin.

If you are trying a new product, do a patch test. Rub the substance on lower side of your palm and observe. Any irritation or reaction on your skin will let you know that you are allergic to it.

If you have any sunburns, it is advisable not to go for facial treatment. This includes open wounds or bruises. Wait until they heal before going for the facial. This is because facial treatment may worsen burns and wounds. UV rays cause the skin to become dry and more exposed to infections.

Discontinue Medication
Some drugs cause the skin layer to thin out, becoming extremely sensitive. Facial treatment on thin skin will cause irritation and bruising.

Facial treatment is only considered successful when results are achieved and the overall effects are positive. Your face is your greatest asset and taking care of it should be a health priority.

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