Acne Facial Treatments: Are They Really Effective?

Are you struggling with breakouts and severe acne problems? After trying out various methods, your skin issues still do not subdue?

If you find yourself saying yes to the above questions, you do not have to worry anymore! Acne facials are the perfect solution to your troubles.

Below we will be guiding you through what acne facial is and everything you need to know about it.

●     What are Acne Facials

Acne facials are a series of treatment designed to the causative agent of acne without having an uncontrollable adverse effect.

The major process in an acne facial is the facial extraction process, which opens up your pores and releases the dead skin cells present in them.

The entire process brightens and smooths your skin, reducing its inflammatory tendencies. A beauty aesthetician can perform this procedure at a salon. However, if your acne is rather severe, you might need to consider visiting a dermatologist.

If your acne is mild, you will begin seeing results from the first acne facial treatment. Nevertheless, to achieve your desired results, you would have to make multiple visits to your aesthetician depending on the degree of your acne.

●     Acne Facials Results

The first step is the cleansing and exfoliation process. This is followed by an extraction facial, that is done by applying pressure on your skin. Thereafter, a face mask will be used on your skin to calm it from the extraction process.

Active ingredients such as lactic and trichloroacetic acids help to remove the dead skin cells on your skin. These dead skin cells result in dark spots caused by acne. By getting rid of them, it clears and improves your skin condition.

●     Benefits of Acne Facials

The number one benefit of acne facials is that it reduces the adverse effect of acne on your skin. During the process of the treatment, skin imbalance such as breakouts, redness and inflammation are reduced, while collagen production increases.

Other benefits of acne facials include preventing new breakouts, enhancing skin condition and texture, as well as diminishing acne scars.

●     After-Effect of Acne Facials

Firstly, it is important to note that the side effects are quite minimal. Therefore, it is essential to inform your aesthetician should you have sensitive skin.

It has been observed that people with sensitive skin would spot mild redness on their skin, after the acne facial treatment. However, you do not have to worry too much as it often disappears within a couple of hours. You can get a trial session with any facial promotions available to see how it works for your skin!