Singapore Acne Treatments That Work

If you are looking for the perfect acne treatment, the numerous products that are available in the market would most probably confound you, and not all of them have the same capacity of treating the problem or the same quality. With options ranging from spot treatments, extraction, creams and washes, it is quite easy to get confused with finding the perfect treatment for acne that is supposed to work. Acne is a problem that is quite persistent and people in their 20’s or 30’s and even in their 50’s might have to deal with this issue and find the suitable treatment to take care of it. The worst thing that is associated with acne is probably the deep and painful pimples that pop up because of adult acne, and are quite hard to get rid of. In order to understand which, treatment is best suited to tackle acne, it is important to first understand what causes acnes, and the following section has been formulated after collating the precious information that various dermatologists have provided regarding the pressing issue of acne.

The cause of acne

Pimples are caused when the dead skin cells and oil present in your skin combine together to create a blockage that clogs the pores of your skin. Dead skin cells that are produced on a daily basis are usually shed in a natural manner by all human beings. However, the secretion of excess sebum or oil can cause these dead skin cells to stick to the pores of your skin and therefore cause acne and pimples. Acne specifically is caused due to the effects of a bacterium known as P.acnes, which is trapped within the pores of your skin owing to the combining effect of sebum and dead skin cells. This bacterium usually thrives on areas where there is skin overgrowth and owing to the fact that the follicle of skin has been plugged with sebum and dead skin cells, the area starts getting inflamed, causing the appearance of cystic lesions, pustules and papules. The treatments that have been mentioned below are focused upon exfoliating dead skin, sucking up the excess sebum in your skin, stopping inflammation and killing the P.acnes bacteria.

The best treatments for treating acne

This section contains a list of the three best treatments that have been proven to show great results when it comes to battling acne. These include:

  • Salicylic Acid- Salicylic acid is probably the most commonly used ingredient to treat acnes and is a chief component of most acne washes and creams like MD Dermatics Pore Refiner that you will find in the market. Being a beta hydroxyl, this acid helps dissolve the excess oil in your skin and also assists in the gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells. This acid also has anti-inflammatory properties and can therefore, be of great help with cystic breakouts. In order to avail the best results from the use of salicylic acid make sure that you use it in the form of a moisturizer or toner.
  • Glycolic Acid- Being an alpha-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid helps exfoliate your skin gently and removes the dead skin cells that are responsible for clogging skin pores. They are usually found in moisturizers, serums or washes and peels that help in fighting acne.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide- Benzoyl Peroxide is a brilliant ingredient to fight acne as it has antibacterial properties and is superbly efficient in killing the P.acnes bacterium. However, be careful to use this substance with caution and do not leave it on your skin for long as it can dry out your skin. Never use the pure form of benzoyl peroxide and only use creams or washes that have no more than 2% of this brilliant ingredient as part of its ingredients.

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