Your Skin Reflects What You Eat

When it comes to maintaining healthy, smooth, moisturized and blemish free skin, we can do more than shop for facial products.  It is a great idea to also include a visit to your local supermarket as there are many goodies found there that you can eat which will also attribute to having beautiful and clear skin.
Singapore Fine Skin Analysis
So let’s set up our shopping list:

  1. Avocados –  These are great for preventing dry skin and nails.  You can even apply it topically for a nourishing homemade facial mask.
  2. Salmon – Want to improve your skins’ elasticity? This fish has just the needed ingredient,  Fine lines will become a thing of the paste.
  3. Olive oil – Those living in the Mediterranean have been aware of the benefits of Olive oil for centuries. You can top this on salads and gain the benefits of both Vitamins A and E.
  4. Tomatoes – Are our friends when it comes to slowing down damage brought on from free radicals.
  5. Eggs – These favorite for breakfast contain protein which prevents the signs of aging and dry skin.
  6. Beans – Another good source for protein, when digesting beans break down and become down into amino acids which regenerate skin cells.

So on your next visit to the market, keep these power foods in mind to update your skin regimen from the inside out.

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