What You Should Do When You Suffer From Dry Skin

Having flaky and itchy dry skin is no doubt uncomfortable. However, relieving this may not be as simple as it seems. Easing your dry skin depends on how you clean it, the kind of clothes you wear, your everyday environment and the products you use, just to name a few.

Your skin can become dry due to the surface of your skin becoming disrupted and damaged, environmental pollution, exposure to sun, the climate, your general health, your genetic composition or even a combination of all these factors. The kind of cosmetic and skin products you use can also be a factor if they contain harsh or drying ingredients.

Hydrated skin is beautiful and supple. A moisturized and hydrated skin gives you a younger look, and this is everyone’s dream. Check out these incredible tips that will help you break the cycle of dry and uncomfortable skin and acquire that healthy, glowing, and plump looking skin that we all love.

Use Moisturizers
Using skin moisturizers is the first step to solving the problem of dry skin. Moisturizers help seal in moisture within the skin and plugging in the spaces between the skin cells giving you smooth and moisturized skin. Use moisturizers that contain antioxidants, skin restoring ingredients and skin replenishing ingredients, preferably petroleum jelly and moisturizing oils. You should apply your moisturizer immediately after taking a bath or washing your hands. Rub a small amount of the moisturizer in your hand, apply it on your skin and rub gently.

Cover Up
You should ensure you cover up and protect your skin at all times. You should wear broad-brimmed hats and sunscreens to protect your skin from too much exposure to the sun. Your skin is likely to be compromised when you repeatedly expose it to direct sunlight making it age prematurely. You should use non-irritating materials such as cotton and silk

Restrict your time in the shower
Limit yourself to at most a ten minutes bath or shower daily. Spending more time in a shower or soaking your skin for an extended period in a bathtub or shower may make your dry skin worse by stripping away its protective layer of oil. You should also use lukewarm water as opposed to hot water, which can wash away natural oils. After the shower, pat your skin with a dry and clean towel.

Use Lip Balm
Lips don’t stay smooth and soft by themselves. Make sure your lips are covered during both night and day time. It is essential to apply balm and gloss often to prevent them from drying out. Ensure the products contain sunscreen. Choose a lip balm that does not irritate your lips. In case you use lipstick, go for one that does not cause your lips to tingle after or during use.

Use Mild Skin Care Products
Avoid skincare products that are too harsh for your dry skin such as deodorants, soaps or cosmetics that contain alcohol and retinoids. Using mild and soap-free cleansers and non-perfumed soaps will help your skin retain its natural oils. You should also avoid drying cleansers of any kind.

Finally, remember to exfoliate your skin gently to get rid of dry skin, use boosters that contains skin-nourishing nutrients, drink sufficient amounts of water to hydrate and moisturize your skin. If your dry skin persists and causes an acne outbreak, consider visiting your cosmetic specialist for an acne facial in Singapore to relive the problem. Allow your specialist to diagnose the root of the problem to understand the best way to care for your skin.

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