Tips on preventing dry and dehydrating skin


Before we talk about the best skin treatment in Singapore, it is important to know and be educated on use of medical terms to describe a situation. It is widely known that ‘dry’ and ‘dehydrated’ are different words use to describe same thing.  When describing a skin condition, they are completely different situations with different underlying causes.

Dry skin is a skin type, but dehydrated skin is a condition everybody at different age can experience. Some of the differences are as follows dry skin is a condition when the skin lacks oil or lipid while dehydrated skin, there’s a lack of water in the stratum corneum, which is the top layer of the skin. One can be suffering from the dehydrated skin without having dry skin.


  • Feels rough
  • Appears dry
  • Can be flaky


  • Looks dull
  • Feels tight
  • Feels rough
  • Is sensitive
  • Shows fine lines
  • Shows accelerated signs of aging, like sagging skin and deep wrinkles

Dehydrated skin can because of the following factors:


Sun (UV RAYS) is one of the most common causes of dehydrated skin condition. UVA does a lot of damages to the cells of the skin. Increase the aging process, increase oxidants in the skin, dehydrate it and increase free radicals in the cells, damaging the skin.


Hard water contains limestone, which can remove water from the skin with great effect on the skin cells. You can shower as often as you want but while doing so make sure the water is warm avoid hot water as it can make the skin more dehydrated.


Though air condition and heating can make the temperature more comfortable during hot or cold weather, they could also affect your skin.

If you spend much time in air-conditioned rooms, or with the central heating turned up, you might notice that these factors are causing dehydrated skin conditions and dryness.


Using products that are too harsh and or too light can cause skin Dehydration.

It is essential to get a very good moisturizer for the body, and a separate product for the face. Avoid harsh scrubbing on your body when cleaning

However, our skin is the largest organ in our body makes it very essential  to use top-quality ingredients to keep your skin hydrated

Patents are advice to use hyaluronic acid either as a cream, for the face or around the eyes. There are very good creams prescribe to keep the skin very well hydrated.

People often have a problem with dry skin during winter.  Your hands are rough and chapped, your face feels tight and itchy or your legs have a snake-skin pattern. Dry skin usually occurs when air temperatures are cold, humidity is low or the individual is dehydrated.

Prevent dry skin

Eat the right foods – it is advisable to eat healthy when taking a meal as this can affect your skin. Eating foods rich in omega-3 essential fatty acid is naturally in nuts, greens, and fish.

Use warm vs. hot water – Blood vessels expand in hot water and release moisture.

Choose gentle skin products – Avoid using lotions which are harsh it causes dry skin. When looking for an exfoliator, use one that is rich in lactic acid.

Avoid scents – The chemicals of lotions and laundry products bring forth good smells but it does a great deal of damage to the skin.

Try coconut oil – virgin coconut oil is recommended by researchers, to bring moisture to the skin. This is essential for people suffering from severe (extremely) dry skin.

Avoid dehydration

In addition to dry skin, there are several common health problems which may actually cause dehydration this includes bad breath, fever, food cravings, and headaches.

Below are some tips to prevent dehydrated skin:

 Drink water – Sipping water frequently every day encourages the habit, add a splash of naturally flavored seltzer or slices of fresh fruit. Or, take unsweetened flavored tea.

Drink beverages at cool or room temperature – research shows that drinking warm water is easier to be absorbed than cold water which settles for a while get warm before absorption

Choose healthy snacks – Foods that contain high water content are important to help moisturize the body, such as yogurt, smoothies, celery with peanut butter, cut veggies or fresh fruit. It is also essential for best facial treatment Singapore

Eat more fruits and veggies – fruits are naturally rich in water, fiber, and vitamins. Consuming this food helps to solve dehydrated skin problems.

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