The Secret to Clearer & Smoother Skin. Hint – It’s What You Eat

Many skincare tips focus on what you apply to your skin.  But did you know what you eat can also be directly related to how smooth and clear your skin becomes? Real beauty comes from the inside.

Here’s your list of magic foods to begin regenerating your skin, like having the best spa facial in Singapore.  These foods should become staples in your kitchen:


Pick up a bag of walnuts and you will not be disappointed.  These nuts have a high concentration of fatty acids, omega 3 specifically.  Additionally, they are packed with antioxidants and selenium.  Eat them alone or mix them in with your morning yogurt.


Garlic has the fortune of being a food that has many antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.  It is also said to be great at reducing blemishes. Fighter.  Finally, it has anti-aging and skin-smoothing propertied which greatly aids in reduction of skin inflammation.


Green herbs are a friend to our skin. Simply by adding basil or parley to your meals you gain much needed vitamin A.  In fact, these two herbs are so dense in vital vitamins for the skin that even just a little added to your diet will do a lot to improve your skin.


If you drink green tea or apply the wet bags to your eyes, either way you will reap the benefits.  Green tea has polyphenols and catechins, which are needed antioxidants for healthy skin cell maintenance.  If you drink it try even just 1 cup a day, not only will it relax you, it will improve your skin as well.

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