The Different Types Of Facial Most Suited For Acne

Many people who have acne go through tough self-esteem hurdles. Unfortunately, conventional medications for acne take a long time to work. At times, dermatologists are often not sure whether your skin will get better or deteriorate even after taking a regimen of medication.

Medications for acne work mainly by suppressing the production of sebum, fast-tracking skin cell turnover and countering bacterial infections. No acne medication will boost your self-esteem. At least not until the acne clears up and that could take years. Fortunately, you can undergo professional facial treatment in Singapore and tell a different story. You will experience significant relief from the symptoms. Also, since your face will be glowing after treatment, it is a significant boost for self-esteem.

But which type of facial is best for acne?

The type of acne determines which facial treatment to apply. Here are five facial treatments and which type of acne they are best suited for.


Just as the name suggests, a classic facial treatment in Singapore comprises of standard procedures. The first step is usually a deep cleansing, then steaming, exfoliating, scrubbing, massaging, masking, toning, moisturizing and finally the application of sunscreen.

Exfoliation and scrubbing will remove dead skin cells, oils, and dirt from the skin surface. However, it does not go in-depth. Therefore, this type of facial treatment is only effective against blackheads and whiteheads only.


Decongestion involves an additional step in which there is a focused unblocking of the pores. During this treatment, the esthetician uses his or her fingers or a special tool to extract minor breakouts and unblock pores.

The treatment is thorough and effective for whiteheads and blackheads. However, it is not a permanent solution since it does not tackle the root cause of acne. Also, it is not recommended for the extraction of cysts and nodules.


LED is a popular type of facial treatment in Singapore. It entails a thorough cleansing of the skin and therapy under an LED apparatus. The LED machine emits different, but specific and controlled, infrared light which goes deep into the skin. The infrared light fixes the skin tone kills bacteria and encourages skin rejuvenation.

LED treatment is effective against acne and is ideal for sensitive skin.


Brightening involves using some reagents to create an antioxidant spread. This treatment promotes the shedding of the top layers of the skin. It improves skin tone and texture and is best suited to treat dark acne marks or hyperpigmentation.

Enzyme Facial Treatment

Our bodies use enzymes to encourage the regeneration of skin cells. Certain types of enzymes –often found in fruits – are incorporated in facial peels and are used to break down keratin (a type of protein usually found in dead skin cells). The enzymes make facial peels work more effectively giving you an even tone and smooth skin. It is best applied for depressed acne scars or what is known as discoloration.

These facial treatments procedures will go beyond what conventional medication for acne achieves, and the results usually show immediately after treatment.

The best extraction facial treatments will help you to rejuvenate your skin and make it glow. One practical tip is to make a point and watch out for facial promotions in Singapore whenever possible.