The Dangers of Popping Your Pimple

We all want flawless skin, free from any ugly marks, pimples, and blackheads. However, this is not always the case even for those with less problematic skin. Occasionally, you will look in the mirror and see a pimple staring back at you! The worst part is that they tend to appear at the most inappropriate moments, not that there is an appropriate time for them.

It could be you are planning to attend an important event such a wedding, a date with your girlfriends or a family party. For most of us, the urge to squeeze that little monster can be overwhelming. You may think that pricking it is an easier way of making it dry and clearing faster. However, if you are popping your pimples quite often, you may have quite a number of black spots on your face.

Pimples are common for people with acne related skin issues or an oily skin type although they are likely to occur even for other skin types. If popping is one of the ideas that linger in your mind after spotting a pimple on your face, here are reasons why you should resist the urge.


Before you rush to prick that pimple, think of it as a bag full of bacteria, oil, debris, and dirt. Popping it means you expose the rest of the skin to infections and a likely breakout. The acne bacteria from a pimple will spread to other open pores on your skin and before the pimple heals and you can breathe a sigh of relief, other bigger and uglier pimples will appear on other parts of the skin. Your hands could also be dirty subjecting it to more infections.

Do you want to see such pimples all over your face? Of course not! Therefore, whenever your fingers start to feel like squeezing that little monster, think of having them all over your face.


Have you enjoyed smooth baby skin all your life? Would you want to ruin such a healthy and smooth looking skin just because you do not want to see an unwelcome guest on your face? If not then never pinch a pimple on your skin. If you are not lucky enough to have smooth skin, you do not want to worsen the situation by pricking pimples on your skin. Once you prick it, you will leave a black scar that will take ages to clear or never clear at all. The result will be an uneven skin tone. When shaving, be careful not to nick them as this will also lead to severe scarring.


Squeezing a pimple will make it bleed. When this happens, the clogged pores are exposed leaving them more prone to bacterial infection. When your white blood cells start to combat the infection, the pimple becomes inflamed and more noticeable than before.

Skin irritation

Pooping the pimple will cause skin irritation and aggravate the situation. Any progress towards recovery will be reversed making the pimple bigger and irritable. The bacteria oozing from the pimple will be exposed to the skin around causing more infections and irritations.

If you get these pimples frequently, think of a permanent solution rather than squeezing them every time they appear. What are the causes? If you have acne, consider consulting a dermatologist or going for an acne facial treatment. Such a move will reduce the breakouts and improve the appearance of your skin. You should also check the type of products that you use. Work with those that do not clog the pores.

You may feel like popping the pimple is no big deal. After all, you want to clear it from your face. However, next time before you get the urge, think of the above repercussions.

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