Superfoods You Need To Load Up On For Glowing Skin

Fruits and Vegetables diet for healthy skin

Noticed how your skin never seems to improve despite spending a bomb on skincare products? Apart from investing in the wrong products, another possible reason could be the unhealthy food you feed your body.

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One thing for sure is that what you eat has a direct impact on how you look – consuming loads of processed food and sugar can stress out your skin, resulting in dullness, acne, oiliness and a host of other problems. 

On the other hand, loading up on superfoods that have been proven to be good for the skin can be the perfect accompaniment to your expensive skincare routine and monthly facial treatments! You should be able to see a healthier glow and smoother complexion in the long run after altering your diet. 

Keep reading to find out the superfoods you need to incorporate into your daily meals.

1. Chia seeds

Chia Seeds for healthier skin

These tiny seeds that do not look like they would do anything for your skin actually pack a punch – they are rich in antioxidants and fatty acids to encourage healthy skin cell function and sufficient collagen production for a wrinkle-free complexion. 

Simply sprinkle chia seeds into your daily drinks or desserts for younger-looking skin!

2. Salmon

Baked Salmon for skin smoothness

Most know the health benefits of consuming salmon, but not many understand how it promotes healthy skin. Fatty fish like salmon is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that help to keep the skin supple and moisturised. It can also reduce inflammation to prevent redness and acne. 

So other than going for regular acne facials, consuming more salmon might just be that extra push your skin needs to flourish. Grill, steam or bake your salmon for exciting meals every day – your options are endless. 

3. Oats

Overnight oats for good skin

Instead of making yourself a bowl of cereal laden with sugar for breakfast, switch it out with overnight oats that will actually do your skin some good. Oats can hydrate and nourish dry skin and strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier to prevent irritation. 

Its skin benefits are the reason why this superfood is often used as one of the ingredients in many skincare products. Other than just consuming oats, you can try mixing them with water to form a paste and apply them as a soothing mask – a useful trick to give yourself a pampering facial treatment at home. 

4. Blueberries

Fresh blueberries for good looking skin

Blueberries are also superfoods that can do so much more for our skin than they look. In fact, they are some of the best fruits to load up on to slow down the skin’s ageing process. Blueberries are not just packed with antioxidants that can stabilise free radicals causing fine lines and wrinkles and are full of vitamin C to fight collagen breakdown, but also have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce acne. 

Make it a habit to grab some blueberries whenever you are at the supermarket doing grocery shopping! 

5. Avocados

Fresh avocados for good glowing skin

If you love guacamole or Instagram-worthy avocado toast, then you are already on the right track. Avocados are great for promoting glowing skin, as they boast high levels of healthy oils and vitamin E that have anti-ageing properties and can hydrate the skin from within. They also strengthen the skin’s natural skin barrier that all skin types will benefit from. 

Avocados can be easily added to salads and sandwiches so there is no excuse to avoid this superfood! 

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Although consuming these superfoods can help to transform your skin from the inside out, results tend to show up slower and lots of patience on your part is needed. Hence, consider going for regular facial treatments to speed up the process so you do something for your skin both internally and externally. 

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