Sun Sand Sea and SkinCare

The sun is shining high in the sky like a daily reminder that is going to be HOT and DRY time again of the year. This can be a perfect moment to put your worries aside and join your friends for a week-end at the beach, a party blasting its way late into the night or a day of lazing in the sun. All around, people are looking for ways of avoiding the daily chores and routine so they can grab some fun and relaxation time. However, going to the beach is an activity that tends to raise some problems of its own, especially for people suffering from acne.

Being out under the blazing sun, lying on a beach towel and enjoying the wind in your face and hair and looking at the sight of the sea is one of the best pastimes ever, you should keep in mind that the combination of wind-borne sand and UV rays is not a good idea for your skincare. This means that your beach essentials should include some skincare items in order to prevent a worsening of your acne due to prolong exposure to the elements. And don’t forget the MD Dermatics Sun Protection Complex that will keep the pesky UV rays from burning your skin.

Although many think that getting a sunbath helps fight acne, but this is actually a myth. It’s correct in certain way is that the sunbath drives some pimples away, but that’s only because ultraviolet rays burn the topmost layer of your skin. The moment the layer of skin is gone, the pimples will reappear again. Your best option again is to get a sunscreen lotion because burning off your pimples at the risk of getting skin cancer is simply not worth it. Avoid oil-based sunscreens since the oil can clog your pores just as easily as sebum does.

Wind-borne sand is another thing you should look out for. The combination of wind and sand dries out your skin and having chances of blocking the pores, thus worsening your acne. Be careful to cleanse your face with MD Dermatics C-Cleanse Clarifying Wash or MD Dermatics Gentle Wash after leaving the beach. The thumb of rules is that exposure to the dust, wind, sun and seawater will definitely not to have positive effect on your acne condition.

Swimming in the beach is lots of fun, but it’s not without risk. Unlike our treated water, sea water is salty and also contains a lot of harmful minerals that are not good for your skin. But of course you should not get paranoid and keep to the beach, but some precautions in mind. Just as recommended above, don’t forget to cleanse your face with MD Dermatics C-Cleanse Clarifying Wash or MD Dermatics Gentle Wash and apply some MD Dermatics DayCalm moisturizer to improve on your skin’s hydration when you get home. With that, you can prevent and contain and possible bad effects of your trip to the beach.

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