Skin Care Routine for Sensitive Skin: Avoiding Acne And Whiteheads

What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is prone to acne and post-inflammatory. If you undergo immense misery trying to maintain an acne-free face, then it’s probable that you have sensitive skin.

However, that shouldn’t lower your self-esteem since there is a myriad of approaches that you can use to avoid whiteheads and blackheads, even when your skin is sensitive.

Skincare tips for sensitive skin

The following simple tips are easily implementable yet largely ignored by a majority of people with sensitive skin. If you really need to maintain healthy skin despite its sensitivity, you should follow these ideas:

1. Choice of skincare regimen. When you’re in desperate need of eliminating acne, you should always ensure that you use friendly products that will not exacerbate your problem. In fact, it’s recommended that you avoid makeup since they may create an environment ideal for bacterial growth thus slowing down the healing process.

2. Always keep your skin clean. Hygiene is not optional when you desperately want to get rid of acne for good. Never sleep with your makeup on! When washing your face, ensure that you use warm water. Your face towel should always be clean (we recommend that you change it after each use!).

3. Avoid testing new products on your skin too often. Once you’ve identified your ideal products, it’s recommended that you stick to them. Regular changes of your facial treatment regime will lead to problems that may be costly to reverse. If you’re in desperate need to change your current products, it’s advisable that you consult your dermatologist or seek a skin professional. Even then, you should never apply the product before you perform a skin sensitivity test. To achieve this, you should apply a small amount of the product on your elbow after which you observe for any severe side effect.

4. Make friends with your Your aesthetician has the experience that will help you when making crucial decisions regarding your skincare routine. You will be well guided in your journey to maintain and upkeep a flawless complexion. There are numerous centres that offer facial promotions in Singapore where you can get a professional to address various skin issues that could be troubling you. Treatments include facial extraction, lasers and more.

How to shop for skincare products for sensitive skin

Having sensitive skin changes the dynamics of your shopping. You’ll require more time to read the manufacturer’s instructions on each product which may translate into a cumbersome experience. Here, we’ll offer tips that will significantly simplify your shopping process:

  • Always use natural products. Unlike synthetic products, natural products are a bit gentle on your skin. There are numerous products with extracts from plants and other natural substances. They may include aloe vera, jojoba oil, lavender, cloves, and many other natural ingredients that are highly beneficial to the skin
  • Don’t go for alternatives. It’s certainly tempting to go for a recently released and cheaper alternative. However, your sensitive skin does not allow you to switch products anyhow. If you must buy it, then just buy a small pack size to test its reaction to your skin (using the elbow) before applying it to the entire body
  • Only buy mild products. If you choose synthetic products, it’s advisable that you purchase the one with the least concentration of active ingredients such as glycolic and lactic acid


When taking care of sensitive skin, you should be disciplined. It’s advisable to stick to one skincare routine to achieve the best results. Also, follow the guide we’ve provided herein and you’ll undoubtedly get your desired results.

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