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Sure, we may live in a hot and humid country but most of us are already well familiar with the fact that this doesn’t mean that our skin is naturally hydrated. Thanks to air-conditioning and some potentially drying skincare products, many of us find that our skins are actually dehydrated despite producing so much oil everyday.

Why is dehydrated skin so bad? For one, dehydrated skin shows visible signs of ageing faster than well-hydrated skin! Aside from that, it’s also more easily irritated, and can lead to itching, rashes or even painful patches.

Tucked away in a quiet yet accessible corner of International Plaza, Indulgence Beauty is a cosy boutique face spa that delivers no-frills quality facial treatment and top MD Dermaticsauthorised retailer. My facial process was facilitated by friendly and helpful senior beauty aesthetician Anna Chye.

Your face is first cleaned of all makeup, impurities and grime before you are led to the skin analysis station. Anna first analysed the texture of my skin, which they usually do for all clients.

As skin texture can change drastically in a short period of time, this is done before all facials so that they would be able to best tailor the type of products used to the client’s current skin concerns.

What hydrating treatment do they have?

As my face was dry (as you will witness in the following photographs), I was slated to do the Hyaluronic Hyalogy Treatment Facial.


hydration facials indulgence beauty 2

hydration facials indulgence beauty 3

You can see in the above image that my skin definitely fell into the ‘dry’ category. It was lacking in moisture and sebum, and showed signs of pigmentation and enlarged pores.

My face was photographed in a special machine that captured my skin surface under intense bright light, as well as under UV light. It’s shocking to see how much pigmentation lies underneath my skin, usually invisible in normal light, but which became darker and more obvious in UV light!


Anna first began with cleansing my face with an oil cleanser that contains hyaluronic acid to help moisturise my skin, followed by a gel cleanser to prepare my face for extraction.

I was then left under the hot steam for about 5 minutes or so, before extraction began. Facial extraction was done by hand, and assisted occasionally by a surgical needle to pierce the pesky blackheads, creating a canal to funnel them out. It was generally more painless than most of the extractions I’ve gone through!

After extraction, a hyaluronic acid essence was massged onto my skin and a soothing hyaluronic gel mask was applied. Then, another layer of hyaluronic soft mask was applied to seal moisture into my skin. These double masks help to intensify hydration in my skin. The process was so soothing and relaxing that I immediately fell asleep during this step.

Though the mask is solid, it did not feel drying at all on the skin as clay masks do. The application and leaving-on process was comfortable enough that I did not wake up at all until it was almost time to take the mask off.

Anna then did a 5 to 10 minute neck and shoulder massage that was a great and relaxing way to wake up at the end of a soothing facial.

Final thoughts

This is me, looking relaxed and happy after the facial was completed.

You can compare the before and after pictures for yourself! Though Anna had done an extraction on my congested areas, like my cheeks and jawline area, my face ended up looking less red than before. My face does appear more radiant and brighter than before, even if you discount the higher shine from all the products that were used on it.

Credit to Daily Vanity,  MANDY WONG for the article.

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