Signs That Your Skin Needs Specialized Care

Did you know that your skin could give you warnings about your overall health? Your skin can also tell people quite a lot about you. Beautiful and healthy skin gives an impression that you are someone who takes care of their skin properly. Unfortunately, if your skin appearance is unattractive and unhealthy, people may judge you as being unhealthy, careless and unhygienic.

Only a lucky few enjoy flawless skin naturally; the majority needs to put in specialized care to take maintain their skin. Identifying the signs of unhealthy skin and taking appropriate steps to curing and treating it will make a significant difference.

Is your skin healthy or unhealthy? How can you tell the difference? How does unhealthy skin look like? Answering the following question is the first step to understanding the next step you should take in caring for your skin, and ensuring that you are using the right products. Here are the signs that indicate your skin needs specialized treatment.

Uneven Texture
Blotchy skin texture is a sign that your skin needs specialized treatment. Healthy skin should look and feel smooth, though it should not be as smooth as glass. It should have small peaks around pores and hair follicles.

Your skin texture can help you know the conditions of your internal health. Your skin will have uneven texture and blotchy coloring when you are tired, malnourished or dehydrated; this will automatically show you that your body needs rest, proper nourishments, and adequate fluids. Failure to eat food that contains adequate minerals and vitamins will make you have poor health. The signs of poor health begin to first show on your skin before spreading to the rest of the body. Incorporating vitamins and minerals in your diet will help improve the condition of your skin.

Acne is a clear indication of unhealthy skin. Bacteria and overproduction of oil can cause acne. Another major cause is shedding off dead skin irregularly that causes pimples, zits and other blemishes that may leave scars. Acne could be an indicator that your skin needs specialized treatment such as the use of counter lotions and creams, or that you should visit a dermatologist for facial treatments.

Severe Itching
Severe itching is a sign of unhealthy skin that requires special treatment. The itchy skin could be a clear indication of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. If the itchy skin does not stop after using topical ointment or any medications for allergy, you should consider seeing your doctor immediately.

Most people think that wrinkles are a normal sign of aging. However, some people may also experience premature aging because of poor skincare regimes. In such as case, you will require professional care to get rid of the wrinkles. Talk to your dermatologist about your fears.

Dark Spots
Dark spots on the skin may be a sign of the development of a hyperpigmentation condition caused by the sensitivity of your skin. Dark spots can also be a clear indication of existing medical conditions in your body, such as pituitary tumors. You can treat the dark spots using estrogen or through proper protection of your skin from the sun by using sunscreens.

Chapped or Cracked Lips
Lips are also a part of the skin. If your lips are always dry, especially at the corners, then it could mean a lack of vitamin B. Increase your intake of vitamin B by including dairy products, lean meat, and green vegetables in your diet. Chapped lips could be an indication of dehydration or too much smoking of cigarettes. Your lips have the thinnest skin as compared to the rest of the body. They cannot moisturize themselves as the other parts do with oil; they can therefore easily crack if you fail to take sufficient liquids. Drink adequate water preferably six to eight glasses of water daily and avoid smoking to regain healthy lips.

Scaly skin, rosacea, moles, occasionally dry patches, warts, and rashes may also be indicators that your skin needs specialized care. Healthy skin tone is the key to attractiveness; make sure you give your skin proper care and treatment. Whenever any of these signs appear, consider visiting spa professionals for facial treatments and specialized skin care.


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