Post Lunar New Year Rescue Me! Skin Care Tips 2017


Soon following the hearty reunion dinner feast was devoured as well as tons of Ang Baos collected, it is now high time to get back on track and head on deal with all the post- Lunar New Year beauty depression. After days upon days of staying up and stuffing yourself with all kinds of new year goodies, your skin, and also your body generally, definitely deserves a major diet upgrade and post-holiday detox. The week long holiday might be slowly showing up in your skin. There and a zit or two here, a glow that is dull along with a sluggish body are surely not the most effective way to adopt a new year. Worry no more, Indulgence Beauty has comes up with  the very best solution to reverse the aftermath of the post Lunar New Year fever and assisting you to come up with a post -holiday beauty recovery strategy to get a fresh start this year.

  1. Just let your skin rest and breathe

Your skin shouts to get a break after all of the pressures Lunar New Year brought you. Post- Lunar New Year are one of those times when your skin tends to need so much from you. Dry skin will gets even drier, zits tend to flare up a good deal more, irritations are somewhat more likely to occur and even more skin drama. One good post-holiday beauty suggestion for you will be to avoid piling up your skin with cosmetics. Just give it time to breath and rest.

  1. Rest, Rest and Rest

    The day visiting, late-night slumbers and sleepless partying have taken its toll on your lovely skin. Those panda ye circles and strain-related zits are so delighted to testify. Should you wish to recoup your pre- Lunar New Year glow, then reward yourself some good rest via a regular sleep schedule. That is a no-brainer beauty tip. The more sleep-deprived you’re the much more likely pressure shows up on your skin. Give yourself a rest from all the to dos in your planner!
  2. Drink, Drink and DRINK

Boost the effects of any of these natural skin treatments by making sure that your skin gets enough moisture inside and out .Start your day right and chug down lots and loads of water through the day to help keep you hydrated as well as your skin refreshed. Just so you know, a well-hydrated body gives you a lovely, supple, moisturised skin!

  1. Moisture your skin

Indulge yourself with ultra-rich moisturizing MD Dermatics Cucumber Gel Masque, a gentle cooling and soothing face mask filled with natural synergy of herbal extracts that provides an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effect. and treatment for your dry and sore skin, this will brings back your lost moisture of your lovely skin.

  1. Power up the quality of your diet

And lastly, nothing compares into a hearty portion of a balanced meal. Snack on raw fruits and nuts, dump the new year goodies and don’t hold back of fresh fruits and greens. Your healthy glow and glowing skin is back before you are aware of it!


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