MD Dermatics PureGlow & PureWhite – Pure Series


Indulgence Beauty provide the best facial treatments and product is proud to launch the MD Dermatics “Pure Series” PureGlow and PureWhite

Skin On OUR Face is just as Important As Skin On OUR Body

MD Dermatics recognized the needs for Our Body and launches the MD Dermatics “PURE Series” PureGlow – Exfoliating, Firming & Brightening Mask and PureWhite – Brightening Body Moisturizer.

These multi-action “Pure Series” couple with advance product innovations ,BriteRx, Anti-Agx & HydraRx will provide instant benefits for Our Face and Body.

Experience WHITE in just 2 Easy Steps

MD Dermatics PureGlow & MD Dermatics PureWhite

Instant Benefits for Face and Body
Whitens & Brightens the skin
Absorbs toxins & impurities
Controls sebum production
Removes oil, dirt & grime
Softens & smoothens the skin
Deeply hydrates the skin
Strong Anti-Oxidant properties
Rich minerals nourishes the skin

Step 1 – MD Dermatics PureGlow
Exfoliating, Firming & Brightening Mask

Step 2 – Dermatics PureWhite
Brightening Body Moisturizer


MD Dermatics PureGlow

Designed as a wash-off clay mask, PureGlow effectively whitens and brightens the skin by gently exfoliating dead skin. PureGlow contains Bentonite clay, a unique volcanic clay that binds to toxins and other impurities, purifying your skin and leaving it soft and smooth.

Innovations in PureGlow

Anti-Agx slows down the aging process, preventing the onset of pre-mature aging
BriteRx brings clarity to the skin while reducing darkened spots and areas.

Key Ingredients
– Bentonite Clay
– Rumex Occidentalis
– Green Tea
– Other botanic Extracts


– Suitable for face and body
– Designed as a wash off clay
– Controls sebum production
– Contains a high concentration of minerals
– Reduction in wrinkles/fine lines
– Reduces high cholesterol
– Softens and smoothens the skin
– Unclogs pores and exfoliates dead skin
– Used as a standalone brightening system
– Do not use with the Skin Rebirth System


Dermatics PureWhite

A moisture attracting body moisturizer with strong whitening ingredients, PureWhite was designed to regulate melanin production and whiten the skin from inside out.

Innovations in PureWhite

HydratRx keeps skin feeling moist and looking supple, keeping dryness at bay.
BriteRx brings clarity to the skin while reducing darkened spots and areas.

Key Ingredients
– Rumex Occidentalis
– Panthenol (ProVitamin B5)
– Vitamin D3
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin E

– Suitable for body use
– Suitable for all skin types
– Brightens the skin
– Smoothens the skin
– Attracts moisture to the skin
– Provides high anti-oxidant protection
– Rejuvenates the skin from inside out
– Provides deep nourishment to the skin

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