How Your Skin is Affected by Singapore’s Weather

Singapore is a tropical country that experiences high levels of heat and humidity for 364 days a year. This comes with its fair share of challenges regarding skin health.

Skin Health Challenges in Singapore

Singapore is sunny throughout the year. Your skin is exposed to UV rays that cause sunburns, which are red patches and rashes on the skin. UV rays also cause the skin to wrinkle faster.

Heat rash
Heat causes us to sweat, which is good for the skin. However, if the skin pores that enable sweating are blocked by accumulated dirt, bacteria or dead cells, our skin becomes inflamed leading to red bumps and itchiness. This is further worsened by wearing clothes that prevent proper circulation of air like synthetic fabric.

Dehydrated skin
Dehydrated skin should not be mistaken with a dryness that is caused by the lessened production of sebum but by the lack of water. If one does not take adequate amounts of water and follow a proper diet, our skin is deprived of water. This leaves the skin dry and irritated. It may also cause the formation of dry patches as well as chapped lips.

Skin infections
The high levels of heat and humidity in Singapore provide a conducive environment for bacteria to grow and multiply. This happens more on surfaces, public areas, clothes and beds, among others. These bacteria are transferred to the skin through contacting dirty hands, dirty beddings, dirty clothes, contact with dirty public surfaces and sharing unsterilised utensils.

Sweating attracts dust and bacteria which clogs follicles and glands, which in turn causes accumulation of sebum in the pores. Heat, on the other hand, helps bacteria grow on the skin which leads to the formation of acne and pimples.

Uneven Skin Tone
Long exposure to sun rays causes the formation of dark pigments on parts of the skin. This is because exposure to sunlight causes more production of melanin, which reacts with UV rays in a bid to protect the skin, leading to dark patches on our skin, causing uneven skin tone.

Skin Breakouts
Heat causes sweating which then leads to an overproduction of oil. The oil is produced to restore moisture to the skin. Overproduction of oil may lead to acne.

How to protect your Skin from Singapore’s Weather
Now that you know how Singapore’s weather can have a negative impact on your skin, it is only wise to find how you can protect yourself from these adverse effects.

Here are some ways to go about it.

Use sunscreen
Although it may contain a few chemicals, find one that is medically safe. It will protect your skin from the dangerous effects of UV rays. Apply when outdoors.

Drink water regularly to hydrate your skin. Drink as much as you sweat and replenish your skin by drinking water.

Keep yourself and your surroundings clean to avoid bacteria that causes acne.

Include a good diet and you will notice heads turning. If you have tried the methods above but still find yourself facing acne problems, you can pamper your skin with the best acne facial treatments in Singapore.


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