How your skin can benefit from working from home

It has already been into our final 2 weeks to an island-wide circuit breaker and the government has made its citizens stay home, work from home. Working from home brings forth an amazingly number of great advantages, from no long hours consecutively sitting in air-conditioned rooms to having more DIY facial treatment – masking times yay!

When u work from home your skin is benefiting a lot! When you are at home you have the freedom to choose your comfortable setting like sipping a cup of coffee by the balcony while enjoying the morning breeze to do your work, instead of having to sit in the office and getting air con which freezes you. This is also not good as the airconditioned environments cause your skin to lose moisture and if you are not aiding your skin with a constant supply of moisturizers you may begin to suffer from dry skin. So right now, when you enjoy the breeze and sip some coffee you know that your skin would be benefiting from it.

Having to work at home means you have the right to do anything because you are at home, yes I HEARD THAT AND YOU’RE RIGHT, MORE MASKING TIME WOHOO!! MD Dermatics Cucumber Gel Masque is the right face mask can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores. They’re also an excellent way to help pull out impurities.

At home you will drink more water as you are not that stressed out from work and you are able to have more free time, and even maybe a routine to drink water. Your skin is an organ, in fact it is the largest organ of the human body and it is mostly made up of water. When you drink more water your skin will function at its best, it will become less dry, less tight and flaky and on the highest note you will be LESSER PRONE TO AGING!!, fewer wrinkles, improved complexion, reduced puffiness, faster healing, clear acne, slows aging, smaller pores, reduced itchiness, tighter skin, pH balance. Wow see, drinking water has a lot of benefits to your skin ya. Also, when u drink water you will soon get hooked onto it for its no flavor, taste you will soon cut down on the intake of sugary drinks. When you cut down on that you are less prone to have lots of health problems.

Before the circuit breaker u may be working in industries that involves constant exposure to pollution and UV rays. Whereas now u can be enjoying at home, where home shelters you away from these harmful factors. The impact of airborne pollution on skin is drastic, it leaves the skin vulnerable and breaks down the skin’s protective barrier, diminishing in the skin’s protective layer, and resulting in damage or oxidative stress, the imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants. Having less exposure to these improves you skin condition.

Lastly, when working at home there is not much rush and would not need to stay up late into the night to get your work done. Also there is no need travel to your workplace and this could save precious time and could be converted into your sleep time. When you sleep more u would look less sick and haggard. Sleeping can treat bad skin, puffy eyes, wrinkles and even aid in weight loss, yes just by sleeping! By hitting the hay for at least seven hours a night, you allow your body to get the full benefits of a good night’s sleep, including improving your appearance and making you appear radiant and full of life.

Exactly there is so many benefits your skin can be benefiting from this WFH (work from home)! Working from home brings forth an amazingly number of great advantages, from no long hours consecutively sitting in air-conditioned rooms to having more masking times.

If you are looking for an acne facial treatment after this lockdown period, contact us and schedule an appointment as early as today!