How To Tell Between Cystic Acne and Stubborn Pimples

Most people have had one of those horrific mornings when the first thing you see on the mirror is a huge pimple. You move into panic mode and wonder if it’ll take you weeks or even just a few days to get rid of it. Worse still is the thought that more could spring up out of nowhere. Stubborn pimples have that effect on our minds. But in some cases, it could be a sign of something worse.

A study by dermatologists from the National Skincare Center on about 1045 teens and young adults in Singapore revealed that more than 80 per cent of young people have some form of acne. The study also revealed that acne was a significant source of psychological distress among teen and young adults and recommended more education so that people can better manage the skin condition.  

Before you say no to an acne facial in singapore, you need to be sure of what’s on your face. Is it acne or just a stubborn pimple? Specifically, what’s the difference between acne and a pimple? Below is how you can tell between cystic acne and a stubborn pimple.

What is Acne?
Sebum on your facial skin can mix with dead cells, hormones and hair follicles to make a concoction which is susceptible to bacterial contamination. When contamination occurs, and the infection goes deep, it creates a bump that is full of puss also known as acne. Scientists believe that acne occurs more frequently where there is a higher prevalence of the male hormone Androgen, and female hormones usually associated with the menstrual cycle or pregnancy. They also suggest that acne is hereditary. Once a section of the skin is infected, acne develops into a pimple-like swelling which often appears on the face.  

What is a Pimple?
Pimples occur where the skin pores are blocked by a combination of dead skin cells, sebum and infected by bacteria. But, pimples don’t have the hormonal or hereditary element. Sometimes, these infections can cause extreme skin inflammation prompting the appearance of several pimples at once.

Causes of Pimples and Acne
As you have already read, the primary cause of acne and pimples is blockage of skin pores. A combination of oily secretions and dead skin cells causes this blockage, and it becomes susceptible to infection. Therefore, it is paramount to keep your skin as oil-free and as rejuvenated as possible. Having regular acne facial in Singapore is an excellent way to ensure you keep acne and pimples at bay.

Here are more differences between cystic acne and pimples
Pimples always have a head, could be a white head or a blackhead. However, not all cases of acne have a head. Also, due to the deeper infection and severe inflammation, acne is almost always accompanied by some pain, but pimples are painless unless it’s a severe form. Besides, the deeper infection in acne causes the bulge to be larger than in pimples.  Now that you can tell the difference between cystic acne and stubborn pimples, perhaps you’ll schedule that acne facial in Singapore sooner and on a more regular basis.

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