How to Prevent Sunburns during this Festive Season

Spending the holiday season outdoor can be exciting, but getting and treating sunburn isn’t. You may be planning to celebrate this festive season on beaches under the blazing sun. However, especially in Singapore’s weather, you should make sure you protect your skin from the sun’s rays that cause sunburns, cancer and may even make your skin to age quickly.

Although sunburns may seem like a temporary irritation or just pain, even the lightest sunburn can cause long-lasting damage to your skin. Ensure you protect your children from too much exposure to the sun since even a sunburn at an early stage may increase significantly the chances of developing melanoma later in life.

You can get sunburns from the ski slopes or even sitting in the shade. If you want to protect your skin from sunburns, sunscreen application and limited exposure to the sun is the first step. Don’t let a sunburn ruin your vacation, here are fantastic guides that will help you avoid looking like a cooked lobster because of sunburns while enjoying your festive season.

Apply Your Sunscreens Regularly and Generously
You can only benefit from using sunscreens by applying it adequately and often. You should reapply your sunscreens frequently as they wear off after sometimes. In fact, you should ensure you reapply it more often when in the sun or when swimming, at least after every 3 hours.  Cover your entire skin with sunscreen at least 30 min before going out. You can peek at the instructions on the sunscreen bottle to ensure you are using the correct amount.

Wear Protective Garments
You can prevent sunburns this holiday season by wearing protective clothing. Consider wearing clothing made of cotton or fabric that has inbuilt Ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) responsible for blocking the sun’s rays. Ensure you put on long-sleeved shirts and pants that cover most of your body. Cover your head and eyes using broad-brimmed hats and sunglasses respectively. The broad-brimmed caps should have a brim of at least 3 inches, and the sunglasses should protect your eyes from UV rays.

Stay in The Shade and Avoid Direct Sun During Peak Hours
Stay in the shade when the sun’s rays are most active, mostly at midday. Staying indoors will help you reduce your chances of getting the sunburns. Schedule your holiday activities such that outdoor activities are done very early in the morning or the evening. If it’s necessary to go out when the sun is most active, try to limit the time you spend in the sun. Even when spending time in the shade, ensure you wear protective clothing because the heat from the sun reflecting off nearby surfaces can give you a sunburn.

Use Appropriate Sunscreen
Ensure you use a broad-spectrum sunscreen. The sun produces two distinct rays; UVA and UVB that can cause premature ageing such as wrinkles and dark spots while the latter causes our skin to burn. Choose a sunscreen with appropriate SPF for your skin type and can protect your skin from these two rays. Consider using sunscreens that contain SPF of at least 15. Make sure you check the expiry date before using them; they become less efficient and may not protect your skin efficiently over time. Most sunscreens are good for at least three years after purchase. Remember, higher SPF does not imply extended protection.

You can prevent sunburns these festive seasons eating healthily. Eat foods rich in lycopene, such as tomatoes, to prevent sunburns. Get some astaxanthin found in algae, eat a diet that is rich in vitamin D to prevent your skin from sun’s damage, drink tea, and get some proanthocyanidins found in grape seeds. You should also have acne facial treatments regularly to rectify acne caused by sunburns and make your skin glow throughout the festive season.

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