How To Maintain A Healthy and Glowing Skin

Just because we’re inside all day doesn’t mean our skin is protected. Of course, the lockdown has spared many of the usual aggressions like ultraviolet (UV) rays and pollution, but this lockdown does take a toll on our skin. Aside from not getting your regular facial treatments, this dry and humid heat from the season, and the numerous indoor pollutants can affect the overall radiance of your skin. However, the biggest impact on the skin at this time is the stress of being confined. 

Consequently, the skin had trouble retaining moisture and thus became dehydrated. It was more fragile, making it extra sensitive to excess sebum which tends to oxidise. Here are five ways to maintain a healthy and radiant skin this lockdown period.

1. Make sure you are cleansing correctly

As you know, the first step to achieving glowing skin is to thoroughly remove all facial dirt with a gentle soap depending on your skin type. Practice using a product that hydrates the skin as it cleanses, removing all traces of any work from home make-up, SPF, sweat, grime, and environmental pollutants. Wash your face daily twice with a PH-balanced cleanser, if you have acne prone skin or oily skin, you can use a salicylic based cleanser.

2. Exfoliate at least every week

Dead skin piles up on the skin and if unexfoliated leads to dull looking skin. At the moment it might not be possible to get your routine extraction facial treatment in Singapore so exfoliate at home once a week. Based on your skin type use the appropriate exfoliant. If you have sensitive skin, do not use beads or rough exfoliants instead choose AHA (Alpha hydroxy acids) to exfoliate.

3. Add hydration in layers

Hydration is the key to unlocking radiant skin, this is why there are many people who invest in their facial treatments. In order to have a smooth and healthy skin. Best facial services in Singapore provide gentle hydration, oil management, brightening of dark spots and reduced rejuvenation times. Meanwhile, at home you can do this by massaging in a hydrating primer blended with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and kangaroo paw extract.

4. Recommend make-up with skin benefits

As everyone is all trying to navigate life in the midst of the current pandemic, mostly people are simply trying to retain a sense of normalcy. So, in the morning, there are those who dab on some moisturiser and make-up before a conference meeting. If you are this kind of person, we recommend using MD dermatics approved make-up with skin benefits such as hyaluronic acid, SPF, antioxidants. 

5. Be healthy

This might sound like an understatement but it is the most basic yet important way to take care of your skin. MD dermatics always remind us to not forget to drink fluids during the lockdown. At least 8 glasses of water, 1 smoothie, tender coconut water if possible as it is full of potassium and necessary electrolytes for your body. Also, it is very easy to revert to having junk food, frozen food and ready-made foods during the lockdown. But do remember that maintaining your immunity is critical during this period. Try to get in as many fresh fruits and vegetables that you can. The more colourful the food the better.

Do not take your skin for granted now more than ever

With every anxiety-inducing headline everywhere you turn, it is easy to fall into a stressful state. Following these skin care tips during your lockdown will help achieve glowing skin and maintain your skin health and you can still maintain your skin health sufficiently until it is time to get back to our normal daily life and when you can finally get your long awaited facial treatment in Singapore.

If you are looking for an acne facial treatment after this lockdown period, contact us and schedule an appointment as early as today!