How to get rid of your acne in Singapore

How to get rid of your acne in Singapore

Having been to Singapore best acne treatment facial or the best acne extraction treatment facial in Singapore and hoping that your skin becomes free of acne. But since you are reading this article, we take it that your efforts have not yielded much. But here’s good news! There’s something that can get the job done. Yeah, you heard right. But it’s not what you’re thinking – it’s not some magical pill or potion that may have been prescribed to you in the past. It’s a procedure that works best with the aid of an acne specialist in Singapore, and it has been proven over time to be effective.

But, let’s know what acne is.

First, you need to know that acne is not in any way your fault. Acne is a disease that is inherited. Just like your other genetic features, acne is gotten from your parents.

We’ll try to explain what happens.

Just like the outer layer of our skin, the lining of our pores also sheds cells while it renews itself. The usual thing is for your skin to shed one cell layer a day, but if your skin is acne prone, about five cell layers will be shed a day. The cells of an acne skin are sticky, so they form tiny plugs called microcomedones deep in our pores.

Also, the oil glands (that is, sebaceous glands) secrete more oil than they normally should, especially during puberty. This gives way to acne.

However, if a person does not shed more skin cells than the average, the extra oil being produced does not result in acne, only that they may have a shiny nose. However, if you shed additional cells, the excess oil produced will mix with the dead cells and cause more cells to stick to the microcomedones as they try to reach the surface. The microcomedones get more prominent with the extra cells, and they become “comedones.” It takes up to 90 days from when a microcomedo is first formed till when it gets to the surface. Therefore, don’t believe anyone that says their product can conquer your acne overnight.

Also, the pores of everyone – acne or no acne – harbour bacteria that naturally are there. The bacteria is called p. Acne bacteria. But the presence of extra oil and dead skin cells will create a good environment for the bacteria to thrive.

All three factors have to be dealt with, for acne to be suppressed. However, the most important is to devise a means to get the surplus skin cells out of your pore in such a way that it would not form plugs.

Why do some acne treatments fail?

Most of the acne treatments promise either to dry up the cell or to kill the bacteria, and both of these are helpful. But the starting point is to get rid of those excess skin cells.

Retinoids are originally good to manage the excess skin cell problem. They melt off the skin’s outer layer and correct the tight enclosure when they are used correctly. Otherwise, they only lead to skin irritation and do not address the problem.

However, if you had used retinoids before and had to stop because it led to undesired results, don’t feel guilty – it’s not your fault. Some doctors who prescribe them do not adequately explain how it ought to be used. There must be a break when retinoids are used, to ensure that your skin gets used to them. And avoid retinoids that contain isopropyl myristate or anything that causes the pore to clog. No matter how well retinoids are used, though, they do not solve the problem of the bacteria or excess oil; they only deal with the excess skin layer. Only one product addresses all three problems, which is Benzoyl Peroxide.

Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) gets rid of the oil, and like Hydrogen Peroxide, it eliminates anaerobic bacteria with oxygen. But it is more effective than Hydrogen Peroxide in that it goes right into the deep where it attacks the p. Acne bacteria by choking them with oxygen. Hydrogen Peroxide, on the other hand, stays on the surface. BPO causes the sticky cells to become less sticky.

Have you tried BPO and it didn’t work for you? Well, read this:

– You may have used the wrong BPO. BPO naturally causes drying up, and because manufacturers fear that people would not want their skin to feel dry, they add creams that neutralize the drying up. So, try to get the right product. Also if you have been using the right BPO, you have to be consistent in your use to get results. Now, if you stay incredibly faithful to the use, even the right formulae will stop working after a while. This is because BPO is not the whole solution to an acne problem.

Did you say you tried BPO and you were allergic to it? Well, that is unusual. It’s very rare to come across anyone that’s allergic to BPO, so I assure you that you most likely are not. I advise that you consult an acne expert.

Finally, don’t say because you can buy Benzoyl Peroxide at the online skincare store, you don’t need to consult any specialist. We’ll tell you that a specialist in acne treatment will not only give you the right BPO like MD Dermatics Acne Fighter, but he will also give you the whole solution to your acne problem. He will provide you with expert treatment like exfoliation and extraction, which will allow your home remedies to work effectively. He will tell you all that you need to know to combat your acne; he will test your skin for sensitivity, prescribe the right break-ins for BPO and retinoids, and he can tell if you need to increase the active ingredients in your product.

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