How to Care For Your Skin Naturally to Achieve Radiant Skin

Some of us want to use the simplest methods when it comes to maintaining our skin. Even at home, you can use simple home remedies for a glowing skin. You can use overnight masks to moisturize your face at home to maintain a youthful look.

Taking good care of yourself will give you a youthful and radiant skin. It is not strange if you decide to look for the best dermatologist to help you achieve your facial treatment goals. However, before you go a step further in having your own homemade facial treatment formula; it is important that you do a fine skin analysis to know the specifics of your skin treatment.

Different dermatologists in Singapore will use a skin analysis machine to help you understand the pigmentation of your skin alongside other imperfections. The analysis goes deeper than the visual presentation given by the skin’s surface. Fine skin analysis examines the level of your skin regarding its smoothness, wrinkles, sunspots, pores and the possible presence of acne. When you have the results of your skin analysis, you can go ahead and create the best skin care routine for yourself. If you are experiencing bad acne, you should get an acne facial in Singapore that your dermatologist recommends. Otherwise, you can stop the guesswork and follow the following simple DIY facial treatment at home.

Regular facial wash
Make sure that you wash your face every morning and evening using a cleanser. Wash up when you wake up and a few minutes before your bedtime. The cleanser is supposed to clear your pores by removing any buildup. When applying the cleanser, make sure that you use a soft upwards massage on the skin for a few seconds. As you do this, cover all areas of your face. When done, rinse your face with water and with a clean towel.

Apply a Facial Scrub
Use a facial scrub at least once every week. The scrub will help you get rid of all the dead cells that accumulate on the skin over the time. Scrubbing will give you a radiant looking skin. You can remove the facial scrub slowly using circular motions and then lay a damp towel immersed in warm water to cover your face for three to five minutes. Take a cotton saturated with a toner and dab it on your face to squeeze out moisture and finally wipe out your face with a dry cotton pad without getting close to your eyes.

However, choose a scrub that is not harsh on your skin. In case you have acne, limit the use of scrubs or seek the advice of a dermatologist.

Use a sunscreen
A good sunscreen is appropriate for the protection of the skin against skin cancer and ageing. Whenever you are stepping outdoors; always ensure you apply your sunscreen. It will protect your skin against sunburns and premature ageing caused by too much exposure to the sun.

Run a warm towel over your face
Place a piece of cloth under a lukewarm water and wring out the water then fold it in half. While lying on your back, position the warm towel to cover your face from the mouth to above the eyes but not beyond the forehead. Replace this towel with a wet towel after three minutes and leave it there for another ten minutes to remove any embedded oils in pores.

Apply moisturizer
Use the moisturizer while the skin is still damp; make sure the application is in the form of a thin film that covers the entire face, taking care not to rub it on your eyes.

Facial treatment
In place of the wet and warm towels, you can use a facial steamer. Make sure you use it more than 20 inches away from the face and use it for 10 minutes.

Knowing your cells using a fine skin analysis is vital to getting the best results when you practice your skincare routine at home. By gathering as much information during a fine skin analysis, you can also create your own customized home facial treatment remedy.

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