How Many Times Should You Wash Your Face a Day?

The subject of how often we should wash our face often results with inconclusive answers. To end this confusion, you need to understand a few basics about your face and skin. First, our faces get exposure to harsh environmental conditions, unlike other body parts. This, combined with the oils it emits, may result in acne and other skin conditions if you do not wash your face appropriately.

Secondly, your face contains a thin layer called the Stratum corneum, made up of dead skin cells. This layer protects the skin cells from pathogens and the harsh environmental conditions. Washing your face removes the dirt but at the same time may irritate this layer.

The natural lipids may also wear out making your skin drier and more susceptible to infections. For this reason, experts recommend that you wash your face at most twice a day, in the morning and evening. Only when you have oily skin or sweat a lot should you go for a third wash.

First wash: In the morning

When you wake up, the only components you will need to rid off your face will be sweat and oil. These do not need many products to clear. Since a morning wash essentially refreshes and cleanse your face off any pathogens that may have built up overnight, consider a facial cleanser specific to your skin type. As a rule, only use alcohol-free facial cleansers. Finally, moisturise your face to keep it supple as you head out to the harsh environmental conditions. For ladies, at this point, consider applying your makeup. Men can opt for sunscreens to protect their skin throughout the day.

Second wash: Midday

If you have an excessively oily or sweaty skin, then you will need to wash your face in between your daily schedule. Specifically, this should be after your workouts or when you are simply sweaty. In such cases, wash your face immediately and gently to avoid irritation and dryness. If you use makeup often, you can consider giving your face a quick cleanse especially if your makeup is beginning to cake.

Third wash: Evening

This wash is critical and should never be left out. Before leaving the house in the morning, it is natural to apply beauty products and moisturisers for ladies and gentlemen respectively. However, taking these products, combined with the dust accumulated on your face to bed will be damaging to your face and may result in advanced skin complications in the long run. In fact, this could just be the major reason why your skin is ageing so quickly. Therefore, ensure you wash your face appropriately and apply an alcohol-free moisturiser after the wash to replace the lost moisture.

While undertaking your daily three washes, you need to take note of the following:

  • Wash your face with warm or cool water and pat dry to minimise skin irritation
  • Remove your makeup using a makeup remover before washing your face
  • Tone your face after washing and before moisturising
  • Washing your face many times because of acne will not resolve the problem. On the contrary, it will make it worse. This is because acne requires special attention and where possible, the use of medicated facial cleansers to control them. You can consider going for a facial treatment. The service providers will access the skin and recommend the right products. The best extraction facials will work wonders if that is recommended by your aesthetician.

Finally, it is worth noting that the condition of your face is dependent on how well you take care of it and not the number of products you use. With the above practices, you will not only attain a healthier and smooth face but also deal with premature ageing.

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