How Does Makeup Affect Your Skin?

We all love to wear makeup. It gives our faces a perfect shine that we always desire. Makeup empowers women. It can affect our personality and boost our confidence. If you are wearing makeup on a regular basis, make sure you are letting your skin pores breathe out once in a while. Go for facial cleansing treatments like extraction facial in Singapore, it removes dirt particles from your skin and gives you a naturally glowing skin.

Regular makeup affects your skin in many ways, clogging your pores, make your skin sticky especially you have oily skin, preventing SPF, allergies, etc. Make enthusiastic forget that whatever you are applying on your skin are some form of chemicals which are not suitable for skin. Some people experience allergic reactions while using the cosmetic products. Makeup can also cause acne, usually on oily skin, you can take treatments for preventing the growth of acne like acne facial in Singapore, at one of the best clinics for acne treatments. Facial treatments can be beneficial in giving you bright and glowing skin.

Clogging your pores

If you are using oil-based makeup, it has a tendency to suffocate skin pores. Makeup that lasts longer can sink deeper into your skin and make it difficult to remove it from the pores. Make sure you cleanse your face every night before sleeping.

Giving you an infection

The first rule of maintaining makeup hygienic is to never share your makeup brushes and other makeup tools with others. It can cause skin infections. This rule applies especially for the brushes you use for doing eye and lip makeup. Also, pay attention to the expiration date of cosmetic products you are using. Don’t use a product that is expired.

Irritate your skin

Chemicals in skin care products are not very regulated in Asia. This means it’s more likely that you are prone to some skin problems. The second rule is to check the ingredients on the label, analyse if it is suitable for your skin or not. If you are suspicious of a particular product, you can test it by applying on the inside of your wrist.

Damage your eyes

Be careful of whatever you are applying near to your eyes, especially eyeliners and glitters. It is easier for particles to get into the eye and cause infections. Make sure that a makeup artist is applying makeup carefully.

Internal damage

Some ingredients are harmful to skin even the low quantity can cause damage to your skin. There are other chemicals as well that are harmful to our bodies, you have to keep track on what are you applying on the face or any other part of the body.

It is better to be safe than sorry, if you are worried, always pay attention to the ingredients in your products, it will give you a better idea of chemicals it is made of. And try to limit how much makeup you wear.

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