Her World Magazine Editor’s Pick for Facial Category


“From the top five in each category, we compiled a list of Editor’s Picks. Here, these winners tell us why they are doing that’s better than what others are providing”, Her World Magazine

Indulgence Beauty is truly privileged to be featured again for the Editor’s Picks Facial in Her World Magazine February Issue after been mention in the January Issue, We couldn’t have done it without the valuable support and encouragement from All Our Valuable Customers, Friends and Partners.


Anna is bless with deli hand, which she uses to thoroughly and effectively deep-cleanse the skin without causing pain or leaving red blotches after.

“Extraction tools for blackheads pain, and can bruise the skin’s surface, or worse, lead to scarring. By using my finger to extract, the process gentler,” she says.

Her extensive experience – she’s been at this for 17 – allows her to accurately select the right treatments to address specific skin concerns.

“The easiest way out of any skin problem is to recommend a hydrating facial which is what many salons do,” she says.

“What I do, however, is to target specific concerns. For example, pigmentation problems can be addressed with a treatment that involves light and heat energy, with accompanying chemical peels and recommended at-home-care.”


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