Habits to Avoid After Undergoing a Facial Treatment

A facial treatment is essential since it keeps your skin soft, radiant and refreshed. By using cleansers, appropriate medical guides, best facial acne treatments and medical grade skin care products, you can make your face glow and look beautiful.

However, it very challenging to maintain that glowing look for the longest time possible after the facial treatment. Even most patients do not know what steps to take after facial therapy to maximize the benefits. After the facial treatment, your skin automatically becomes more sensitive and prone to facial breakouts, and this is what many patients don’t understand.

It is therefore essential to put on extra efforts while caring for your skin to maintain the healthy and beautiful skin after the facial treatment. Here are the bad habits you should avoid after your facial treatment especially in the first two days in order to guarantee perfect results that you will love.

Avoid Picking
It is normal for breakouts to appear after facial treatment. Facial treatment can help you get rid of congestion, remove dirt and oil that lies beneath the skin that is sometimes hard to extract. You should ensure not to pick or squeeze the congestions by yourself. Wait until the congestion rises to the skin surface and consider consulting your facial specialist for extraction or products that will help you handle the problem. Try not to touch your face after treatment, to avoid transferring impurities and bacteria to your face, which may cause acne breakouts. You should also ensure that items that often come into contact with your skin such as phones are kept clean.

Avoid Makeup
It is not advisable to put on makeup immediately after facial treatment. Wearing makeup may cause blocking of pores hence causing skin damage or slowing the healing process down. You should not, therefore, wear makeup immediately after facial treatment to enable your skin to absorb the cosmetic products used during the facial treatment entirely. In case you plan to attend a function or party, do your facial therapies at least three days before the day.

Avoid Exposure to The Sun
Do not walk or stay in the sun immediately after the facial treatment. Most facial treatments contain exfoliant or light peels to activate skin cells. For this reason, it is necessary to protect your skin from sun exposure and ensure you use the right sunscreen. The harmful UV lights from the sun may cause scarring of your skin since it becomes more sensitive after the facial treatments. Use sunscreen with titanium dioxide if you have to step out of the house which works by blocking the UV lights physically. You can also wear protective garments like sunglasses and broad-brimmed hats.

Do Not Forget to Hydrate
To achieve a perfect result after your facial treatment, ensure you drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. You can also consider using coconut water after the facial treatment. You should take a lot of water to keep your skin glowing for the most prolonged period possible and to help eliminate toxins from your body.

Avoid Exfoliants and Do Not Over Cleanse Your Face
Do not use any exfoliating pack or face scrub for at least four days after the facial treatment. Using exfoliants may cause your skin to irritate since it has already gone through exfoliations during the facial treatment. You should also avoid over-cleansing your skin since it is already clean and radiant. If you have to cleanse your face then use a soap-free cleanser and light to mid-weight moisturizer. You should also avoid ingredients that may cause your skin to irritate or turn red.

Finally, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, make sure you use lukewarm water to wash your skin and do not hit the gym, facial steaming and sauna for a few days to avoid striping the glow of your skin away, which causes redness and damage. Most importantly, consult your cosmetic specialist before and after the facial treatment for any follow-up or clarifications.

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