Glycolic Acid and Your Professional Peels

What is Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic Acid in its raw state is made up of colorless and scentless crystals. Glycolic acids belong to the group of active compounds called AHA’s (alpha hydroxyl acids). It is made up of derived sugar cane, and have the smallest of molecules.

Why chemical peels have it?

As glycolic acid has tiniest of molecules that is why they can penetrate easily into the skin. Being a natural occurring substance, chemical peels use a high amount of this as they prove to be very effective if used carefully and in proper proportion.

Majority of effective and popular chemical peels like MD Dermatics RevitaPeel include this ingredient for effective anti-aging treatment, wrinkles, blackheads, dull or oily skin.

When glycolic acid is used in skin products it offers a number of benefits. It freshens up the skin as well as moisturizes it. They are a moderate grade form of chemical peel hitting the epidermis of the skin rather than going deep into the skin.

Chemical peels have glycolic acid in them because they play a vital role in flawless skin by reversing the sun effects, shrinking of pores, and improving the overall look of by acting as an anti-aging treatment for your face and neck.

These chemical peels containing glycolic acids are advised or recommended by a dermatologist. If used properly with caution the results can stay up to several months.

How Does It Work For Your Skin?

Glycolic acts as an eater. It eats away the glue present between cells. It tends to work on the epidermis of the skin only by dissolving the sebum and breaking down any other substance present between the cells. Dead cells are removed and smooth brighter skin is revealed.

Chemical peels which have low concentration of pure glycolic acid prove to be more effective than other.

Benefits of Glycolic Acid:

Following are some benefits of glycolic acids:

  • Performs a remarkable job of exfoliation of the skin.
  • It acts as a complete treatment facial for cleaning skin of blackheads and clogged pores.
  • It helps in releasing and dissolving of dead skin cells.
  • It reduces signs of premature aging acting as an anti-aging treatment by increasing young and healthy cells. Peels having glycolic acids reduce wrinkles and make the deep layers of skin strong which makes your skin look fresh and plump.
  • It works really well for treatment of cystic acne caused dead skin cell and sebum blockages.
  • Frequent use of chemical peels having glycolic acid in them makes your skin look better and better as the effects are many.
  • It removes the barrier of the grime or dirt present on the skin surface as well as dead cell which allows the skin products to further penetrate into the skin.

For getting the best results, use MD Dermatic RevitaPeel which helps inrejuvenating your skin giving you a fresh and young look just like a treatment facial . It reduces the soft lines and signs of aging acting as an anti-aging treatment for your face and neck.

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