First Impression Matters – Don’t Let Acne Affect You

Acne is very frustrating to individuals who value first impressions. We only want others to see us at our best. If you are facing any skin or acne problem, you should consider consulting professional services and getting a facial treatment in Singapore. However, many of us want a quick and easy fix to our acne. The question is: what causes acne and can it be eliminated?

Causes of Acne

  • Dirty hands
  • Diet
  • Chemicals in our make-up
  • Poor hygiene

The good news is that however stubborn your acne might appear to be, clear skin is achievable. Here is how.

Skin Care Tips to Eliminate Acne

Keep a healthy diet
You should maintain a balanced diet with enough fruits and vegetables, as these help with regenerating skin cells. Highly processed food contains large amounts of fat and sugar, leading to excessive production of oil and clogged up pores.

Drink plenty of water
It is medically recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day. Water is essential for our skin and eliminating acne. This is because water helps to open skin pores and flush out toxic substances through sweating. Water also helps to keep the skin hydrated and elastic.

Keep your hands away from your face
Our hands often come into contact with germs and bacteria, which we transfer to our face when touching it. These bacteria lead to skin infections and acne. therefore, avoid touching your face with dirty hands. Clean your hands first then your face. We use our hands to squeeze out pimples and blackheads. By doing this, we spread infections to the surrounding skin leading to the formation of more acne.

Take a shower regularly and use mild facial products
Cleaning yourself regularly opens up pores, eliminates bacteria and washes away dead skin that accumulates in the skin pores, allowing the skin to breathe. Use soap that is gentle to your skin to avoid irritation which may worsen your acne.

Get your beauty sleep
As cliché as this may sound, it holds some truth. Human beings require eight hours of sleep every day. This gives time for your mind and body to relax and renew itself, and this includes our skin. Our skin is able to repair damaged cells or produce new cells during our sleep.

Use clean clothes and soft fabric
Avoid wearing clothes repeatedly before washing them. Bacteria accumulate on the fabric of your clothes which are transferred to your skin. This causes acne. This also applies to our bedding: wash your bedsheets once or twice a week depending on how much you sweat while sleeping. Different fabrics cause different reactions to different people. Therefore, it is good to know what fabric agrees with you.

Wash off your make up before sleeping
As attractive as you may want to look, leaving makeup on when we go to bed is not necessary. Washing off your makeup thoroughly before sleeping will open your skin pores, enabling excretion of toxins and allowing for skin cells to renew. Use skin products suitable for your skin type. By using products that are not compatible with your skin type, your skin may react badly to the product leading to irritation and more acne. Therefore, know your skin type and work with suitable products.

Exercise regularly
Create a healthy lifestyle by incorporating time to exercise. Exercise causes you to sweat, eliminating toxins and cleaning out dead skin. Exercise also has the benefit of forcing blood flow throughout your body, ‘feeding’ skin cells and leading to a healthier complexion.

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