Determining Your Skin Tone before Purchasing Foundation

You’ve probably wandered up and down the cosmetics shop looking for your next beauty product, only to get stuck and end up asking yourself, ‘what’s my skin tone?’ Well, you’re not the only one because most people actually have no idea what skin tone they are. Well, finding out your skin tone can be challenging and purchasing the perfect shades to doll up your complexion may also be daunting.

The wrong concealer or foundation can transform you into a clown or a creepy porcelain doll if you don’t. Ideally, your makeup ought to blend flawlessly with your skin tone especially at the jawline to avoid appearing unnatural. In order to accomplish this task, you need to discover your actual skin tone. Moreover, your skin tone can determine which extraction facial in Singapore is good for your skin.

With that being said, this article provides insights on how you can appropriately ascertain your skin tone and avert those horrible makeup disasters.

Skin Tone Demystified

Skin tone is the surface colour of your skin. More scientifically, it is the genetically gifted quantity of melanin present in the epidermis or the outermost layer of your skin. Melanin is a complex polymer created by cells known as melanocytes, which are naturally occurring black or dark brown pigments on human skin. Generally speaking, skin tones can be categorized into 3 unique groups.

  • Light

Light or fair skin tones are often more common among people who originate from countries which face regular snow and cloud cover. Therefore, they normally don’t require that much melanin pigment protection. These persons are often very sensitive to direct sun and burn a lot easier compared to those with darker skin. If this is your skin tone, sunscreen should be your friend when outdoors.

  • Medium

This type of skin tone is usually neutral and dons a well-balanced light brown appearance. As a result, finding the perfect foundation shade is a lot easier with this skin tone. Furthermore, chances are you tan better in the sun and could benefit from the best acne facials in Singapore.

  • Dark

Dark skin tones originate from areas with the most exposure to UV rays. This does not mean that you are off the hook when it comes to sun damage. Much like those with medium skin, you would still want to apply sunscreen.


If you regularly shop for makeup products, chances are you’ve come across the following words: ‘warm’, ‘cool’ and ‘neutral.’ Each illustrates a different shade of skin tone. Basically, these terms represent the skin’s undertone or simply the subtle, low-key color underneath the surface of your skin. It’s comparable to a long-lasting shadow; while your skin tone can change in-between seasons, your undertone remains unchanged. Therefore, when establishing your skin tone for any type of cosmetic, you must equal attention to your undertone.

Here are some of the different undertones.

  • Cool

Comprises of pink, red and bluish undertones

  • Warm

Consists of yellow, peachy and golden undertones

  • Neutral

Comprises of a blend of both cool and warm shades

Skin Tone

Check your Jawline

The most popular step is to examine your face in natural light. First, wash any makeup or grime off your face. Wait about 15 minutes. Grab a mirror and head outside into the sunlight to discover your natural tone. Check your jawline to determine your skin tone given that it is usually less affected by color variations compared to the rest of your face. Match your cosmetic with the shade of your jaw.

Silver/Gold Test

People with cool undertones look good in silver. Persons with warm undertones look good in rose gold and yellow jewellery. Those with neutral undertones look good in both yellow and white jewellery.

Check Your Veins

Observe your skin in natural light. Focus on the area where your veins are visible like your wrists. People with blue or purple veins have a cool skin tone. Those with green veins have a warm skin tone while those with greenish-blue veins have a neutral skin tone.

Reaction to the Sun

If your skin tans easily, you have either a medium or dark skin tone. Those who burn easily have quite a fair or light skin tone.

Make use of this guide and learn how to discover your skin tone to find the perfect shade of cosmetics for your skin.


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