MD Dermatics Zinc Face Sculptor – Next Level Facial Toning


Supercharge your Skincare Routine

Durable, safe and result boosting. The New Zinc Skincare tools by MD Dermatics takes your daily skincare routine and gives it an irreplaceable enhancement by making it safer, more accurate and improving the results. Combine with our MD Dermatics range of products for maximum benefits. Made from corrosion-free and ultra durable Zinc alloy, it is easy to clean under running water and can last you a lifetime

Zinc Face Sculptor

With an ergonomic grip and a smooth and easy Lo clean surface, the Zinc race Sculptor is a must-have tool in your pre-bedtime skincare routine. Two 360 degrees polyhedron rollers work in tandem to grab and manipulate your skin effectively, firmly kneading your tired facial muscles to dissolve tension and calm swelling or redness by draining stubborn lymph fluid from a stagnant lymphatic system. This compact tool is also ideal for rolling around the eye contour and jawline area for an all encompassing relaxing  and  meditative  experience.


Improves lymphatic flow/drainage

Firms and tones skin elasticity

Reduces puffiness

Improves skin radiance

Increases ingredient absorption

Calms inflamed skin

Relaxes and soothes the mind

relaxes and calm the skin

Stimulates circulation


Roll over bare cleansed skin or first apply a serum or cream as a

lubricating base before using the sculptor. Roll upwards first from left to right in an overlapping motion multiple times. Once completed, roll outwards from the nose on one side of the face then the other. When using with  Bio Mask, apply Bio Mask to the skin first, then repeat the above steps on top of t he Bio Mask. For an additional circulation boost, leave the Zinc Face Sculptor in the refrigerator before use. Always rinse with soap and water after completing each massage.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]