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We’ve all been there. You’ve been taking care of yourself for the weeks leading up to an important function, dinner, or public speaking event, just so you could look your very best without having to rely too much on makeup. You also just have to get a breakout on your face during this crucial juncture.

Or perhaps you find yourself having struggled for years with a seemingly perpetual acne situation, which refuses to calm down for good despite your best efforts.

Nobody wants this for themselves, so we’ve scoured facial salons around Singapore to find some of the best treatments to kill bacteria, soothe acne, and prevent it from recurring.


Indulgence Beauty is located in one of those cosy nooks within the CBD area, located conveniently just few minutes walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT. I was due to go for the LHE Radiancy Facial Treatment, which uses LHE (Light and Heat Energy) to even out skintone and reduce acne.

The whole purpose behind LHE is to rejuvenate the deeper layers of skin which can only be reached by light energy. The Facial Skincare Device used for the treatment will emit gentle pulses of light and heat that stimulates repair of the deeper skin layer, which not only rejuvenates collagen production, but also treats acne at the same time with its antibacterial production.

The facial treatment starts with a gentle double cleansing of the face with the MD Dermatics C-cleanse, which is suitable for all skin types but especially oily skin.

facial for acne md dermatics indulgence 3


A gentle scrub is done to exfoliate the skin: the oldest and outermost dead skin cells on my face was gently removed through this process, so as to allow newer skin to emerge, encourage the skin cell renewal process, and also to prevent my pores from clogging.

After that, my face was bathed in a warm steam so soften the skin, and also open the pores which will enable an easier and more painless extraction process later! My therapist Rachel then proceeded to do the facial extraction of black and white heads by hand, occasionally using a surgical needle to ease out some stubborn clogs.

facial for acne md dermatics indulgence 1

Light and Heat Energy treatment

After the facial extraction was done, Rachel applied some soothing splash toner on my face to prepare my skin for the facial treatment. The device was generally painless, but it definitely felt warm whenever the light flashed.

The mixture of red and green light in the treatment helps to kill bacteria, reduce acne spots, and has anti-ageing properties too. According to Rachel, the LHE Radiancy Facial treatment is a comprehensive skin rejuvenating treatment that has been proven to be safe for all skin types.

Besides improving acne, the LHE helps to simulate growth of collagen, and also to even out and replenish the dermis layer. This allows the skin texture and tone to improve, fading fine lines and wrinkles. I was told to expect brighter skin tone, visible reduction of pore size, and also firmer skin after the treatment!

facial for acne md dermatics indulgence 2

The mask being mixed by hand

Next came a masque which was customised for me by Rachel based on my couperose skin condition. Due to a rich concentration of algae extracts, the masque was meant to be super hydrating for my skin. It was also packed with vitamins A, B, and E from violet extracts and oats.

This masque was also not made of clay, but instead had a more comfortable, gel-like texture. Over time, it solidified into a soft, rubbery sheet that was easily removed without leaving behind residues.

facial for acne md dermatics indulgence 4

The mask felt cooling on the skin, as if it was your own personal air-conditioner was blowing cool air on your face. It is also said to be suitable for sensitive skin.

After taking a 25 minute nap with the mask on, the mask was removed and a very relaxing shoulder massage followed. Rachel put on MD Dermatics toner, moisturiser, and sunblock on my face, and the facial was completed.

My skin felt calmer and less irritated after the session. I also felt that my makeup glided on more smoothly after that, and my skin felt more supple and hydrated overall.

Facials at Indulgence are done at a relaxed pace, so carve out ample time from your schedule so you can take it easy, head over, and have a good day for pampering.

Credit to Daily Vanity,  Mandy Wong for the article.

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