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Extraction facials are sometime seen as a pain – quite literally. Many of us shy away from them because it goes against what our mum taught us: Never pop your zits!

What our mums didn’t tell us is actually that we can pop our zits and squeeze out blackheads, but only if we know exactly how to do it. This is something the estheticians who specialise in extraction facials are trained to do.

Why is extraction good for our skin?

Clogged pores are a fact of life that most of us have to live with, even those who are conscientious with exfoliation. Removing whiteheads and blackheads not only prevent the appearance of pimples (which is the inflammation of blackheads), the absence these blemishes also give skin a smooth texture and clear look. When these gunk, which fills and stretch pores, is removed, your pores will also effectively appear visibly smaller.

While stubborn clogging can require more effort to remove and can be irritating to the skin, a good extraction shouldn’t be unbearable. You should also not leave the facial cabin with skin that’s very red, or worse, scarred.

Whether you have acne-prone, clogged skin or just looking for extraction facials to help with regular maintenance, we have short-listed some of the top facial salons in Singapore that are well-known for extraction services. To make sure they really live up to their names, the Daily Vanity team has also visited the salons personally and tried out the facial treatments for ourselves to tell you how we feel about them.

Helmed by Anna Chye, who has 17 years of experience as an esthetician and principal trainer, Indulgence Beauty uses products from MD Dermatics because its products saved Anna’s skin. Anna used to have troubled, acne-prone skin and only MD Dermatics products worked for her, which is why she swears by it and recommends it for her clients.

The facial salon, located conveniently at Tanjong Pagar, is also known for manual extraction (using hand only, and no metal extractors) because they believe it is the best way to perform extraction without leaving scars or redness.

After going observing my skin using an analysis equipment, Anna determined the general condition of my skin and identified the areas she should pay more attention to. Besides helping her to decide the treatment most suited for me, Anna also made use of the information to give me useful skincare tips according to my routine, which I’m thankful for because I don’t always get relevant advice from all the estheticians I’ve visited.

How is extraction done at Indulgence Beauty?

After exfoliation, Anna steamed my face for about 10 to 15 minutes to “open up” the pores for ease of extraction. Using only a piece of tissue paper and her fingers, Anna meticulously worked around my clogged pores and gently extracted every gunk she could find.

She doesn’t believe in using metal extractors, but used a surgical needle to poke the surface of the skin for stubborn blackheads to be removed more easily. She explained that this step breaks the surface of the skin slightly so that the blackhead that is forced out will have a specific outlet and not expand the pores unnecessarily.

For very stubborn blackheads, Anna only extracted them after she applied the Oxyjet, a jet stream that is used on skin to thoroughly deep cleanse it so that stubborn blackheads can be softened.

My skin didn’t look very red after the Oxyjet was applied.

I’m surprised that the pain I experienced was very minimal, despite how badly clogged my skin was when I walked into Indulgence Beauty. While there was some redness right after extraction, the application of a soothing toner and the use of the Oxyjet calmed down the redness significantly.

Overall review of Indulgence Beauty

Anna did a very thorough job with the extraction but it wasn’t very painful and didn’t leave my skin bloody or red, which I sometimes get at facials. I needed minimal after-care and my skin looked visibly clearer after the facial.

I like the result of the facial at Indulgence Beauty and am looking to go back again, especially because I would probably need a few more sessions if I want to significantly improve the condition of my skin. Since my first session already made a visible difference, I’m sure I’m going to benefit even more from future sessions.

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