At What Age Should Ladies Take Their Skin Care Seriously?

For many ladies in their twenties, their skincare routine often only consists of the basics such as makeup wipes, Vaseline or lip balm for dry lips, and Acne facial treatment every once in a while. However, in their early 30s, natural ageing kicks in and their glowing skin starts to take a beating due to circumstances such as stress or hormonal imbalances. The production of collagen slows down, leading to thinner skin. Moreover, there’s a reduced performance of the sweat and oil glands, making your skin drier.

Therefore, women who hit their thirties should start taking their skin care seriously. Your skincare routine shouldn’t be restricted to only the basics. Now is the ideal time to ascertain whether the products you’ve been using are still perfect for your skin. Furthermore, it’s also a perfect opportunity to incorporate new products such as serums to your skincare regimen for an impressive boost in outcomes.

Start paying attention to your skin in your 30s with these top tips.

Opt for Lighter Lotions

It’s recommended by skin dermatologists that you go for lighter lotions or serums when you hit your thirties, given that anti-ageing creams aren’t necessary and might increase the susceptibility of your skin to acne breakouts.

Put On Sunscreen Everyday

The whole sunscreen thing might sound like a cliché but wearing sunscreen is a crucial part of any skincare routine. This should be observed even if you don’t spend much of your time outdoors. Almost ninety percent of ageing can be attributed to unprotected exposure to ultraviolet rays. Moreover, unprotected exposure to UV rays can also lead to skin cancer. Therefore, try and find a sunscreen product which fits into your everyday routine.

Up the Antioxidant Serum Ante

Apply topical antioxidants and Vitamin C on your skin every morning. This helps to fight free radicals from all environmental aggressors, such as sun exposure, smoking, urban pollution as well as cell metabolism. Remember, free radicals are one of the major contributors to early skin ageing.

Use Oils

As you approach your thirties, your skin will start to lose its softness, elasticity and hydration. A good face oil massage makes for the right facial treatment because it can get rid of the above-mentioned symptoms. Furthermore, when massaged in, the face oil may also help with possible puffiness.

Get Retinol

Retinol is a vitamin A derivative which is ideal for dealing with any signs of ageing. Use some each night if you want to boost your collagen production and minimise collagen breakdown. Basically, retinoids instruct ageing cells how to act like younger, healthier cells by urging them to turnover a lot quicker, which paves way for the growth of new skin cells. Remember, from your 30s, your skin cells become quite lazy with the skin cell turnover slowing down and collagen production easing off. Retinol comes in handy to support these.

Do Not Pop Pimples

The pleasure you get from popping a pimple is not worth the likelihood for lasting scarring. In your 30s, you may realize that some of the things like freckles and discolouration that used to die away don’t anymore. Therefore, popping pimples may lead to permanent dark spots which could necessitate for an extraction facial procedure. Instead, you should apply cortisone cream to help reduce redness and pain. After that, treat the acne using benzoyl peroxide spot treatment.

Eat Well

Are you aware that what you eat can affect your skin appearance? Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and Zinc to keep your skin glowing. Avoid too much sugar and caffeine as they lead to premature ageing and can also exacerbate skin conditions like rosacea and acne.

Quality Sleep

An average of 7-8 hours of sleep every night will give you clearer skin. A lack of sleep increases cortisol levels, which promotes skin inflammation.

In conclusion, hitting your thirties is the time to pay serious attention to your skincare regimen with the help of the above-mentioned tips.

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