Are Facial Extractions Good For Your Skin?

Facial extraction is one of the many other procedures in the family of facial treatments. An Expert gets to unclog skin pores by use of hand or a certain metal tool. It is a rather complex procedure, and there are different opinions as to whether it is good for the skin. Even so, most aestheticians and dermatologists have used this technique for ages with very successful results.  In fact, many cannot conduct a facial treatment and leave out the facial extraction part of it. To understand facial extraction better, it is best to know how it is done, the result and the benefits associated with it.


The aesthetician begins by cleansing your skin. This is to get read of any dirt and also fully remove any traces of makeup you might be using. Often, your skin can be softened by the use of enzymes or softening fluids together with steam to ease the process of extraction. In other times, the aesthetician can decide to lightly scrub some areas of the face to loosen the pores to be extracted.


The extraction is done using a magnifying lamp. This is to assist the aesthetician to see the pores well and determine which ones are to be worked on.  This lamp has a very bright light; thus you will be dressed in protective eyewear. The expert then puts some pressure on the pore using bare hands or a small metallic device so as to extract the content inside.

After extraction

The aesthetician finishes by treating your face with an antibacterial product so as to prevent any breakouts after the extraction. Many try to perform this at home. However, it is only an experienced aesthetician that can do this safely without spreading bacteria to other areas on the face.

The benefits of extraction

Extraction is the best way to deal with all types of acne. Blackheads, whiteheads and pimples are easily cleared using this process. Most times your pores are clogged when oil mixes with dirt. Extraction helps clear the pores, making your skin to function well and absorb the different products you use. Having extraction done professionally prevents possible breakouts on your skin. You are able to keep your skin healthy and fresh.  Depending on your skin type, there are other benefits that you can gain from having a facial extraction done regularly.

Are there side effects of extraction?

While many have the concern that their skin can develop other issues after extraction, if done correctly, there should be no negative effects. Thus, it is very important to ensure that your aesthetician is a skilled and trained person. This can be achieved by searching for a spa offering the best extraction facial in Singapore. You then can agree on a good visiting plan that will ensure you have your facial treatments regularly.

The truth is, facial extraction is a safe process; thus it’s good for your skin.  There is no need to worry, but there is an urgent need to visit your aesthetician for your next facial treatment.

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