All You Need To Know About Professional Facial Extractions

You shouldn’t have to wait for the next facial promotion to give your face the pampering it deserves. Your skin might be in dire need of facials more than you think! Extraction facials can be defined as the removal of clogged pores through automatic or manual means. Extractions are routinely performed as part of a facial and it is important to note that if this is your first time doing your facials, a lot of extractions would be performed.

Once you begin your facials regularly, the amount of extraction to be performed would reduce. One of the major reasons for extraction is blackheads. Blackheads are not just dirt in your skin pores, it’s a skin pore that’s clogged with dead skin cells. The dark spot which appears on the surface is skin oil which due to exposure, they get oxidized and turn into dark spots.

It is important to note that pimples can be extracted during any acne facials depending on its size and depth. However, there are times when some pores are not ripe enough for extraction and may require several treatments before the extraction process can take place.

Processes in Facial Extraction

Firstly, the skin will be cleansed by the esthetician. A’ desencrustation’ solvent or enzyme is often added to the skin for several minutes with heat, softening the skin and preparing it for smoother extractions. An ultrasonic tool known as a skin scrubber may also be used by the esthetician to remove the infected pores.

Extractions are done with a bright light under a magnifying light so that your esthetician can clearly see the pores that need deep cleaning. To shield you from the bright light, eye patches or protective eyewear will be put on your face. The esthetician uses gloves and exerts gentle pressure to remove the contaminants around the pore. This can be achieved with the fingers covered either in gauze or cotton or with a unique metal device designed for this purpose.

After the Facial Extractions

Antiseptic or AntiBacterial product is evenly applied to your skin to bring back its pH and also prevent further breakouts. Also, High-Frequency currents may be required to kill germs and soothe the skin. Often times a face mask is applied on the skin to reduce the after-effects of the process which may include redness and blemishes.

Most people with acne are tempted to pop or pick their pimples. It is essential to keep your hands away from your face to maintain safe, clear skin and let these extractions be performed by your professional aesthetician. Home extractions will destroy your pores and disperse bacteria, making the skin worse rather than better. This is because you will crack the skin’s pore layer, drive bacteria into the surrounding tissue, and trigger a breakout. Your esthetician knows how to clear the pores that are blocked without causing infection and irritation.

Facial extractions done by yourself can damage your pore and spread germs, making your skin worse than its previous state. It is important to note that letting your esthetician handle your acne reduces the tendencies of germs spreading, inflammation and even the possibility of an infection. When you go for a professional acne facial in Singapore, you can trust them to give you that seemingly perfect skin which glows like a billion stars in the skies.