8 Simple Tips To Eliminate Acne And Achieve Smoother Skin

The desire to have clean and smooth skin, void of facial acne requires conscious effort.

Acne is a skin disorder. It occurs when oil glands that excrete sebum to lubricate the skin become flooded with oil in a particular area. This effect brings out inflammation of the skin caused by hormonal imbalance, thereby causing pimples and red spots to emerge.

Allowing acne to get worse will only cause your skin to become more infected and lead to worse complexion.

So, what can you do? Many argue that acne cannot be eliminated, but taking careful adherence to some guides can help bring back smoother skin.

Keep in mind, however, that variations and skin type difference should be considered.

Here are 8 simple facial treatment tips to help you get rid of acne:

1. Gentle cleansing

Avoid using a hard brush or sponge on your skin which may cause micro tears and skin irritation. Aside from going for regular acne facials, chemical exfoliators are recommended for a gentle yet thorough exfoliation to clear one’s skin.

2. Apply aloe vera gel

Many have yet to realize how powerful and positive the effect of aloe vera has on one’s skin.

It is an excellent organic agent, removing excess oil from the skin, hence reducing any inflammation on the face.

3. Moisturize

Have doubts about moisturizing acne infested skin?

Actually, skin affected by acne should still be moisturized. However, keep in mind that if you have oily skin, using just any moisturizer will make your skin dry out fast.

A well-recommended moisturizer is coconut oil. Its lauric acid content is a strong combatant against acne bacteria.

4. Clay mask

Clay contains hydrating glycerine soaking up any excess oil on the skin without completely drying it out. Hence maintaining the natural healthy skin.

Clay masking contains kaolinite, ghassoul, and montmorillonite, which combats every oil outbreak on the skin.

5. Use tea tree oil

Melaleuca, commonly known as tea tree oil, can be as effective on the skin as benzoyl peroxide.

It is an excellent antiseptic which fights bacteria and fungi. However, though there may be little effect shown, it’s a proven agent used in the extraction of facial acne.

Chamomile oil is another excellent ingredient reducing inflammation and keeping the skin healthy, especially when irritated due to products containing salicylic acid.

6. Check your diet

You are what you eat, cannot be truer when applied in this context.

Eat a low glycaemic diet to reduce the chances of acne breakouts. High glycaemic diets mostly include refined and processed food with sugar, while whole plant foods and meat are low glycaemic diets.

7. Avoid too much sun exposure

Getting acne breakouts happens easily when sun-sensitive skins are constantly exposed to the sun.

When you notice your skin is acne-prone, it is expedient you protect your skin from direct sun-contact. Why? Ultraviolet rays stimulate pigment-producing cells, increasing the risk of acne scarring.

8. Visit a dermatologist

Fixing your skin requires time. Despite there being no instant fix, visiting a dermatologist will definitely benefit you in the long run.

As a specialist, they can advise you or prescribe you an acne remedy targeted to your individual skin type, skin condition and adaptability to treatment. You can also go for facial promotions to try their treatments for the first-time and see how effective it is on your skin.