6 Healthy Habits to Prevent Premature Aging

care you will start to look dull and sometimes older than you look. Lines and wrinkles always do not have to do with age but sometimes due to negligence, our skin tends to loosen and lose its freshness.

Here are some healthy anti-aging habits and ways to adopt:

1. Get enough sleep:

Your body needs a complete 7-8 hours of relaxed sleep to repair itself. The strictest rule is to get enough sleep to avoid premature wrinkles. When you sleep well after midnight, you will see premature wrinkles and facial lines way before than their time.

The way you sleep also determines premature aging. Sleep on your back rather than your side or face.

2. Easy on the Cigarettes, Caffeine and Alcohol:

To look young you have to get rid of all the bad habits. A number of studies show that smoking is the biggest reason of premature aging. Also drinking a lot will get you dehydrated, premature lines, also drinking causes a permanent damage to your blood vessels which make you look flushed all the time. Drinking breaks your blood vessels.

Day doesn’t start without coffee right? But you have to leave the habits which make your skin age quickly. As mentioned earlier, you need to get a rested sleep and caffeine tends to disturb the sleeping patterns which makes you look exhausted. Go for fresh juices instead.

3. Intake of anti-oxidants:

Make sure that you add plenty of rich anti-oxidants into your daily diet. Drink fresh juices as they have plenty of anti-oxidants and natural vitamins which help you to prevent premature wrinkles. They keep you healthy and young. Add fruits likes berries, apples, red grapes and black plums. Also use beans, carrots and dark chocolate.

4. Don’t go out in the sun without sunscreen:

It does not imply that you should avoid it completely but when you do, too much of sunlight can cause premature wrinkles and aging. Use only that much required for vitamin D only. Use a good sunscreen with high SPF.

5. Don’t touch :

The skin of your face is extremely sensitive avoid touching them too much to avoid acne and premature aging. Avoid rubbing your eyes.

Moreover the skin of neck, face and shoulder tend to show signs of age earlier so keep them moisturized and take care of them specially.

6. Washing the face:

Nothing has as much natural minerals as water. Water makes your skin look radiant and fresh and moisturizes the natural way. Avoid using too much facial soap. Wash your face when you wake up and go to bed. It will prevent acne and premature wrinkles.

Preventing premature aging is not easy it requires constant habitual changes in your routine, diet and sleep. Apart from these natural ways, you can always use anti-aging treatments, creams and lotions which effectively prevent aging. A number of treatment facial and surgeries like face lifting are also available to reduce your age years.

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