6 Facial Treatments That You Should Consider For Your Skin

There are a lot of Facial Promotions to treat acne, dark spots and so on. Truth be told all the home treatments don’t really give you the desired skin glow that you are yearning for. Therefore, it’s time to ignore the home remedies and get talking to a professional esthetician on the types of facials that you should be going for.

  • Hydra Facial

For a properly hydrated and brighter skin, The Hydra Facial would be largely recommended, the feeling of the device on your skin works like the extraction of clogs, leaving your skin seemingly flawless with 30-45 minutes. Hydra Facial involves cleansing and exfoliating so as to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin bright and smooth.

There’s also a chemical peel process which lets loose the dirt and oil present in your pores, leaving your pores clean and receptive for a necessity like antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins, in order to give your skin that seemingly flawless look that you desire.

  • Oxygen Anti-Acne Facial Treatment (Oxygen Facial)

If you desire that Jenifer Lopez kind of look, then this is the right facial treatment for you. If you’ve got an event scheduled in a couple of hours and your skin isn’t looking radiant, Oxygen Facial would be one of the best Facials. It gets your skin ready for the camera flashes within 20-30 minutes.

The Oxygen Facial device resembles a foundation brush tool, which sends in pressurized oxygen, into your skin pores after cleansing and exfoliating. A quick spray of topical hyaluronic acid is applied, and the foundation brush-like tool is used to evenly distribute the topical hyaluronic for seemingly even skin.

  • Radio Frequency

This process involves inducing collagen production by your skin cell, The Radio Frequency device is used to heat your skin between 23-45 degrees. Not worry, the heat is quite comfortable and doesn’t inflict burns. Radio Frequency helps serves as an anti-ageing measure for your skin by tightening your jawline, reducing wrinkles and promotes collagen production in your skin.

  • Decongesting

Decongesting is a type of extraction facial with the sole aim of releasing your clogged pores. The major processing of Decongesting is done with the application of steam for 10-15 minutes. This induces your skin pores to be released, so as to remove dirt, oils present in them.

  • LED Photo Facial

This process is proven to generate fast results in making your skin tone even and seemingly flawless. If you fear mildly painful process or your skin is quite sensitive, I would advise you to go for the LED Photo Facial. If you are looking for acne facial in Singapore, this is the one for you as the process reduces both acne formation, hyperpigmentation and firmness of your skin. All these results are generated within 30 minutes.

The first step involved is cleansing of your skin, and the LED Machine produces a various spectrum of light to effect a change in your skin. There’s no adverse effect on the regular routine of LED Photo Facials, no skin burns or skin irritation. You will be left with a seemingly even skin tone once the facial is done.

  • Microneedling

Microneedling is not advisable for folks with very sensitive skin, but if you are looking for anti-ageing results, healing your wrinkle lines and acne scars, this process could be your solution. Microneedling tools consist of a rollerblade tool with numerous tiny needles applied all over the face in order to make tiny holes, so as to induce collagen production and elasticity.