6 Common Facial Skin Care Mistakes You Should Avoid

Have you ever thought why the same tips about skin care keep repeating in various articles in all kinds of sites? The reason is perhaps readers simply do not follow the simple advice that is offered. So you know, what? It is time to stop wasting money on the bandwagon that promise miracles and just start from the basics like getting regular facial treatments.

We at Indulgence Beauty do not want to overestimate the power of affecting your life but still, we will try to protect you from six of the most widespread mistakes when it comes to taking care of the face.

1. You change your cosmetics too often

It is not easy to resist the purchase of another seemingly best acne facial cream or serum when sites keep showing us endless compilations of the best beauty products of the season, while cosmetic stores keep announcing discounts and sales. However, it is still worth doing your best to resist it, especially if you already have several items at home that suit you completely.

Perhaps, you are afraid that your skin could adjust to the old cosmetics and that is why you keep changing cosmetic items in order to get a better effect? It is all in vain because your facial skin does not adjust to skincare products, while a newly bought cream can become the reason for an allergic reaction.

2. You use a facial scrub on a daily basis

Our skin regenerates without any “extra” help; however, we still keep using scrubs in order to speed up this process. Yes, scrubs can help your facial skin peel faster, as well as cleanse your skin but if you do it on a daily basis, you risk depriving your skin of its protective layer.

Generally speaking, scrubs and rough brushes are not the best solutions for cleansing the face. We recommend replacing them with light chemical peelings and of course getting extraction facials that can softly and painlessly remove dead skin cells.

3. You refuse using makeup removers

In an effort to simplify your evening skin care routine, you may be washing off the makeup and dust of a large city with one cleanser or just water. However, by doing so, not only do you save a couple of minutes but you also leave cosmetic particles on your face and that can lead to the clogging of the pores, facial acne, and an increase in the oil content of the skin.

That is why before washing your face, it is better to use a makeup remover such as micellar water, cleansing oil, or cleansing balm. They are not useless bottles invented to empty your wallet, they are necessary products if you want the best for your facial skin.

4. You use the same pillowcase for two weeks

Even if you wash your hair and thoroughly cleanse your facial skin every evening before going to sleep, your pillowcase stores dust, particles of epithelium (including the epithelium of a person you are sharing your bed with) and pet hair. After 2-3 days, your pillow has the perfect conditions to enrich your facial skin with blemishes.

If you do not want to see blemishes on your face in the morning, change the pillowcase once every 2 days. And also try replacing it with the one made of silk. It will give you more chances not only to protect your facial skin from acne but also from premature wrinkles.

5. You don’t use toner

Toner is a product that restores the PH balance of the facial skin and prepares it for further procedures. Even a usual moisturising cream works more effectively with a toner. Moreover, it is necessary to use it after traumatising procedures such as chemical peels.

By including it in a set of necessary beauty products, you are most likely to avoid facial skin problems such as acne, dryness, irritation, and rashes. The main thing is to find a product that does not contain alcohol, otherwise, the situation will be exactly the opposite.

6. You use powder to remove oily shine

The face shines 24/7 and no matting products can help. This can really be an issue in the summer. And that is when many reach for the facial powder to get rid of the shine. Unfortunately, it cannot keep the skin matte for a long time (especially when it’s very hot outside) but it will definitely clog the pores. Instead of trying to disguise the oily shine with powder, try matting wipes. They would not provide a long-lasting effect but at least will remove unnecessary oil from the face without adding anything.

With facial skin care methods it is always important to go back to the basics

Know your skin type, cleanse, moisturise, scrub with gentle products and of course, do not forget your regular facial treatments in Singapore, and do not just follow through what you see and read online. Those might just harm your skin more than it benefits it.

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