5 Ways to Brighten Your Dull Looking Skin

Everyone likes to present his or her best look to the world. Many people associate a glowing and radiant skin with health, wealth and happiness. A dull looking skin is often attributed to the hectic everyday schedule each one of us has to follow.

Did you know that skin is one of the biggest organs in our body? It is even the most prominent feature of our face. One look at the skin of the next person, and we can easily detect their overall physical health. If you are tired of a sallow and a dull looking skin, never give up. The more you fret about it, the more your skin will suffer. Instead of worrying about it, look at ways to restore the health of your skin. Go for a diet change, drink loads of water, use skincare products, visit the beauty centres for facial treatments in Singapore, and if nothing helps, visit a dermatologist.

All of us have probably had dull skin from time-to-time. The factors leading to this can vary; climate, stress, dehydration, diet, lack of vitamins and so on. So, what can be done? Like already mentioned, stop worrying and start looking. This article will provide you with insights to achieving a bright, radiant and a healthier looking skin.

We can’t emphasise enough on the importance of exfoliation. Shedding dead cells is very important. When you get rid of your old and worn out skin cells, you reveal the new and radiant looking skin. Make sure the exfoliator you use is formulated with an alpha hydroxy acid. Stay away from harsh products as they can damage your skin, leading to open pores, allowing the bacteria to seep in.

Moisturise Well
Our skin needs moisturisation to stay fresh and radiant. Make sure you incorporate Rosehip and jojoba oil into your daily beauty routine. It is full of minerals and vitamins to give you a glowing complexion.

Take Care of your Diet
You are what you eat. Most of the time, dull looking skin is the result of poor eating habits. Take a lot of vitamin A, Vitamin B12, E, C, and Zinc. Some fatty acids like olive oil, fish oil, and coconut oil are a good source of nutrients for your skin. You can try to add salmon, tomatoes, avocados, berries, and walnuts into your diet.

Stay Hydrated
Water is vital for the skin. A lack of water is usually the first culprit in a dull looking skin. Apart from hydrating, the water carries nutrients around your body and eliminates toxins from your body. This will make your skin clean, clear and fresh. What else can you ask for?

Finally, Brighten Up with Makeup
All the tips mentioned above will take its own time to make your skin fresh and radiant. If you are looking for immediate results, try to brighten up your skin with makeup. Never use a heavy liquid foundation, instead, look for a mineral based makeup or a BB cream. It will help you achieve a healthy and a bright complexion.

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