5 Things To Note Before Going For A Facial If You Have Sensitive Skin

5 Things To Note Before Going For A Facial If You Have Sensitive Skin

Pampering yourself by going for monthly facial treatments is something to consider. Apart from helping you to achieve glowing skin, getting a facial done is also a great way for you to lay back, relax and destress.

However, if you have sensitive skin, taking note of some things before going for a facial is important to prevent aggravating unpleasant skin reactions like stinging, itching and tingling. Having sensitive skin also means that you have reduced tolerance to cosmetics and personal care products, which is why paying special attention to your skin’s needs is essential to prevent further irritation.

Here is everything you need to know before booking a facial appointment for sensitive skin in Singapore – read on to find out more.

1. Ensure products used are not infused with synthetic fragrances

Before you decide on a beauty salon and facial treatment, make sure you check with the estheticians about the types of skincare products they use. Avoid salons that utilise skincare products infused with synthetic fragrances at all costs as they can cause a sensitising reaction on your skin, resulting in redness and irritation. While it affects all skin types, those with sensitive skin are extra vulnerable due to their compromised skin barrier.

Even essential oils that are derived from natural ingredients can irritate your skin negatively because of their aroma. Hence, go for a facial that is specifically designed for sensitive skin as it is usually paired with fragrance-free products that are almost always better for the skin’s health.

2. Inform your esthetician about your sensitive skin

Although an experienced esthetician should be able to ascertain your skin type by analysing your complexion and asking you some questions, it is still advisable to inform them about your sensitive skin.

This ensures that they are aware and can then make adjustments to the facial treatment to soothe and rejuvenate your skin. They may even recommend some other treatment or use hypoallergenic products which might be more suitable for your skin.

facial for sensitive skin in Singapore facial treatments

3. Avoid facial treatments with deep extractions or harsh exfoliants

Facial treatments that include extractions or exfoliation are likely to cause skin irritation due to the pricking and tugging motions. Some of the exfoliants used may be too harsh as well, stripping your skin of its natural oils and causing it to feel dry and tight.

But of course, occasional extractions and exfoliations are still necessary for bright and supple skin. This is why it is always recommended to go to an experienced esthetician who will gently manipulate the skin around the pimple to remove gunk, rather than using a metal extractor which can hurt the skin. Inform your esthetician about your sensitive skin and they may use a lower concentration of the exfoliating ingredient to prevent irritation.

4. Go for hydrating and soothing facial treatments

Instead of deep cleansing facials, opt for hydrating facial treatments that will calm redness and soothe irritation. Such treatments are usually accompanied by skincare products containing moisturising ingredients like hyaluronic acid that will provide intense hydration for a smooth complexion.

For instance, our Forlle’d Hyaluronic Hyalogy Treatment Facial is great for sensitive skin as it intensively hydrates and restores the dermal structure of dehydrated skin. It also combats free radicals, improves cellular respiration and microcirculation and prevents redness among other benefits.

5. Do not hesitate to speak up during the treatment

Lastly, put your needs first and do not hesitate to speak up during the facial if something feels wrong, such as when your skin tingles or itches. This discomfort usually points to skin irritation and letting your esthetician know allows them to rectify the problem.

They may stop using the product that is causing a reaction and apply a cooling mask to soothe redness.

Facial for sensitive skin in Singapore

facial for sensitive skin in Singapore

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