5 Telltale Signs That You Need Facial Treatment Now

Facials in Singapore are more than just a luxurious treat for your skin. They keep your skin smooth and soft to achieve that healthy glow! However, facials cost you money. You have to regulate your beauty spa visits if you do not want to feel the pinch at the end of the month before pay day comes.

So, when is the best time to get a facial? There is no definitive answer because it depends on the condition of your skin.

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you need a facial treatment right away:

1. Makeup Doesn’t Blend on Your Skin

Have you bought a very expensive cushion compact foundation recently and even though it claims that it blends easily on the skin, it does not seem to be working. It could be either the product has been falsely advertised or your skin might be too dry even for the makeup. Dryness is, usually, caused by the accumulation of dead skin cells. You probably need a facial with gentle exfoliation to remove the built-up dirt and dead skin cells. It would also be better if the facial routine includes putting on a mask that would help moisturise and brighten the skin.

2. Frequent Breakouts

It’s normal to get acne breakouts during your period, but if you are frequently experiencing it, then it’s time to get a facial treatment. It probably crossed your mind to pop your pimples, thinking it would help get rid of the breakout, but it’s best not to do it because you will only make it worse. So, let an esthetician do a facial instead because they can safely clear out your acne.

3. Enlarged Pores

Even though sebum or oil helps hydrate your skin, it still can cause large pores and acne if there is too much oil on the skin. The excess sebum starts to clog up, and it will lead to blackheads and pimples. To get rid of these, it is recommended to get an extraction facial. Not only does it safely remove your acne, but it will also help shrink the pores to prevent another breakout.

4. Noticeable Ageing Signs

You might be wondering why you already have noticeable fine lines and wrinkles on your face even though you are only in your early 20s’. It’s because your skin starts to produce less collagen once you reach your 20s’. Collagen is a substance that helps you keep your skin firm and soft. You need to get a facial to combat these skin-ageing effects. However, the facial should include applying a hyaluronic serum since it would help lock in moisture on the skin. Remember that you are less likely to get fine lines and wrinkles if you have a moisturised skin.

5. You Need to Relax!

If you feel stressed lately because of work, then go for a facial! It feels relaxing and refreshing because it includes a facial massage. Plus, the massage helps promote blood flow, and this makes the skin feel supple.

Pamper your skin by getting a relaxing and rejuvenating facial only here at MD Dermatics! Our skin specialists can help you choose the right facial treatment for any of your skin problems!