5 Misconceptions About Blackheads Explained Once And For All

5 Misconceptions About Blackheads Explained Once And For All

When sudden dark and black spots begin to form on your face, you tend to become self-conscious of your looks. Despite countless attempts with different removers, these spots won’t seem to fade away.

What you may be experiencing is blackheads, which are a type of acne caused by clogged pores in the hair follicles. When dead skin cells and excess oil accumulates in these follicles, it produces a bump that can widen the pores’ opening. 

In order to remove blackheads, you must first clearly differentiate facts from myths and understand the causes behind them. Here are 5 misconceptions about blackheads explained once and for all:

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Misconception #1: Blackheads are trapped dirt in the skin

As mentioned earlier, blackheads are formed from a buildup of dead skin cells and excess sebum. They have a dark nature due to the oxidation in the pores, which requires more than just cleaners to eliminate them. 

Specifically, you will require the key ingredient, salicylic acid, to loosen and break down the materials that have been stuck in the pores. However, it will take some time to see the full results. We highly recommend trying out an extraction facial that is quick and efficient in targeting these blackheads. 

Misconception #2: Shrinking my pores will prevent blackheads from forming

In reality, there is absolutely no way that you can permanently shrink your pores as they are determined by your genetics. 

However, you can minimise its appearance by going for regular exfoliation to remove dead skin cells that clogs the pores. As an additional step, use skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid to boost the collagen level in your skin for a smoother complexion.

Misconception #3: Only individuals with oily skin have blackheads

While those with oily skin have the tendency to develop more blackheads, it does not necessarily mean that it only targets these individuals. In fact, since blackheads are formed with excess oil levels in the skin, they can happen to any skin type and occur especially in the nose area that has a lot of oil glands.

Thus, you may want to consider extraction facials to unclog the pores. To sweeten the deal, we offer a trial session as part of our facial promotion in Singapore that reduces the appearance of blackheads for first-time customers. 

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Misconception #4: Blackheads will develop in the adolescent stage
The sad truth is that blackheads are not determined by age. Instead, they are caused by excessive sebum and dead skin cells that have clogged the pores. This means it can occur in adults as well. 

Fret not, with our extraction facial in Singapore, our aestheticians will gently expel the blackheads. 

Misconception #5: There is nothing I can do since blackheads will always be there

With all of our points mentioned above, there is still hope for those facing this beauty crisis. Reduce its appearance by going for regular extraction facials, exfoliating your skin gently and using the right skincare products to counter the issue. 

To take the first step in the right course, we offer a facial promotion which allows you to test out for yourself how extractions can help with your blackheads. Our aestheticians will help you to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum by carefully applying the right pressure to the clogged pores. 

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