5 Benefits of Facial Extraction

Since our skin is exposed to dirt and pollution, it is not a surprise for a pimple to pop up on our face. No matter how thorough our skincare routine is, the dirt can still hide beneath the skin. Getting an extraction facial can help get rid of the excess sebum and built-up dirt on the face.

What is an Extraction Facial?

An extraction facial is part of acne facials in which it takes out the grime stuck inside the pores. Impurities such as dead skin cells, excess oil, and dirt start to accumulate on the face, causing pimples or “comedones” to occur. Although you can squeeze them out yourself, you should leave the extractions to an esthetician to prevent irritations and infections.

What are the Benefits of Getting an Extraction Facial?

Getting an extraction facial might sound scary, but as long as you let a professional perform it, you don’t have to worry anymore. It’s not going to be so painful like most people claim it to be. Besides, it can give a long list of skin benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Get a Proper Skin Prep

You won’t get into the extraction phase right away. They will have to cleanse and exfoliate your face first, and then they will use steam to open your pores. The meticulous process of a thorough skin prep makes it easier to remove the debris on the skin. It also minimizes the risk of getting dark blemishes on the face.

2. Clear Your Pores

The problem with acne-prone skin is that the closed “comedones” (a.k.a pimples) never go away. It’s annoying how they always leave unsightly flesh-coloured bumps on your face. Only extraction facials can help remove these pimples. After it, it’s like the skin becomes a smooth canvas with no visible blemishes.

3. Relaxes Your Skin

Exfoliation during facial extractions feels relaxing because it massages the face. It’s because it promotes better blood circulation, thus relaxing the muscles on the face. Moreover, the steaming method after exfoliation helps create a soothing and relaxing feeling.

4. Better Absorb Skincare Products

Since your pores are now clear, it’s easier for your skin to absorb the face products you use every day. With this, skin-boosting effects of these products will become more effective and will take effect at a much faster rate! You don’t need to wait for months to achieve a glass skin!

5. Prevent Breakouts

An extraction facial is considered as one of the best acne treatments in Singapore. Often estheticians will apply an antiseptic cream on your skin to bring back the right pH balance. Ideally, your skin should have at least a pH of 7 to strengthen its protective layer against any infection-causing bacteria. 

Washing your face every day with soap and water is not enough to remove the impurities in your skin. So, consider getting an extraction facial in Singapore to unclog those pores, and clear out the skin.

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