5 Bedtime Habits To Adopt For Clear, Healthy Complexion

Many people dream of having amazing skin and oftentimes, it’s really difficult to determine what your skin needs to be as healthy as possible. Apart from scheduling regular acne facial for your acne-prone skin, you can maintain healthy skin by adopting positive skincare habits before bedtime. It is the same as the habit of brushing your teeth before turning in each night as it will protect you from a myriad of dental issues. A series of positive bedtime habits will help you to achieve flawless skin.

Take Off All Make-Up Thoroughly

Some makeup products such as foundation can be pore-clogging on your skin. Going to bed with blocked pores is the last thing you want to do if you want to have flawless skin. Make up that isn’t properly removed will cause clogged pores and breakouts to appear on your skin. People with amazing skin know this and ensure that they take off all the makeup on their face each night before going to bed.

Cleanse and Moisturize

The best way to take off all the day’s makeup, dirt, and oils, is by using warm water. This way, you ensure that the skin’s helpful oils are not washed away. However, you need to take note that there are some types of dirt which are deeply embedded in the skin. Rather than using a harsh soap to remove this kind of dirt, you should use a gentle cleanser. A gentle cleanser doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils and it also doesn’t leave the skin dry and irritated. But, it doesn’t just end at that! You must moisturize to ensure that the skin remains elastic throughout the night.

Using Products That Rejuvenate the Skin

When you turn-in for the night, your brain and body muscles actually switch off and rest. However, other processes in your body will kick-in and start to do its work. Your system’s “night shift” workers mainly do the job of removing dirt and unwanted substances on your skin, as well as rejuvenating what was lost. Now, scientists and skincare experts have discovered how the body rejuvenates the skin – which is the largest organ in your body. They have developed products that help in the rejuvenation process. People with amazing skin use such products at the most opportune time which is during the night. You will need to consult a dermatologist to determine your skin type and recommend suitable products to rejuvenate your skin.

Skip That Extra Glass of Wine

A glass of wine after dinner is always welcome. It helps to calm you down and set you in the mood for a restful night. However, the second glass of wine will definitely dehydrate your body. Alcohol is a diuretic which forces water out of your body and makes it harder for your body to rehydrate afterwards. So, if you want that smooth, hydrated and flawless skin, you will need to limit your alcohol intake. Instead of having a second glass of wine, it would be better to take an extra glass of water as it helps to keep the skin hydrated throughout the night.

Don’t Skimp on Sleep

Speaking of sleep, people with amazing skin don’t skimp on sleep.  They target at least eight hours of quality sleep each night. This is because not getting enough sleep may also cause your skin to break out more often. Skimping on sleep causes your stress levels to go up, causing your skin to be prone to inflammation. Not only does not getting enough sleep makes your skin inflamed but, it also affects the moisture levels of your skin. Your skin’s moisture levels will decrease, lowering your complexion’s pH levels, making your skin look less youthful. So, be sure to get enough sleep each night if you want to get that perfect skin!

Adopting these bedtime habits are another way to boost your efforts in achieving and maintaining clear skin. But don’t miss the opportunity to make use of facial promotions to keep your skin clean! If you have been constantly doing these 5 steps but do not see any improvement on your skin, it is best to go for a facial treatment to find out what’s wrong. When done by a professional, they can assess your skin condition and provide the appropriate treatments to treat any skin concerns and improve your overall complexion.