4 Essential DIY Products That Should Always Be in Your Skin Care Kit

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The tradition of creating homemade facial skincare has long been part of many cultures around the world, with recipes often handed down the generations. The demand for natural products is at an all-time high and for good reasons. They are mild to the skin and body and also effective and in recent years, homemade skincare has had a revival in line with the growth of the beautician and aesthetic industry. 

Whether it’s something you are doing for the first time, making your own skincare products using ingredients from your home is the way to go. Enjoy safe, flawless, and sparkling skin with your customisable skincare products. There are loads of ingredients in your household that you can experiment with and form a DIY solution. And when mixed the formula the right way, and combine it with your regular facial treatments in Singapore, you will get even more outstanding results.

Here are some of the examples of skincare DIY products you can make in your home.

1. Makeup remover from coconut oil

If you happen to be someone who is fond of doing your makeup, but ran out of facial makeup remover. Behold, the wonder of coconut oil. No doubt, you’ve heard about the amazing wonders of coconut oil. Coconut oil is not only great for a moisturising hair mask; it can also protect your skin from bacteria and fungi infections. Also, you can use it to remove eye makeup because it’s powerful enough to remove any formula right away. For smooth, flawless skin, apply coconut oil all over your body a few hours before going to bed.

2. Body scrub from coffee grounds

If you love drinking coffee then you should be glad about this too. Did you know that your early morning energy drink can also be incorporated into your skin care routine just like your extraction facials? Coffee grounds are ideal for getting rid of dead skin. For ultimate results, mix coffee grounds with coconut oil, and you’ll have an energising body scrub that will make your skin glow and sparkle.

3. Get rid of scars with honey

Raw honey contains lots of vitamins and enzymes, and perfect for treating a wide range of skin conditions. For hydration, use it in a facial mask. For getting rid of dark spots, mix raw honey with fresh lemon juice. Avoid the regular honey as it has already been processed, thus losing some of the nutrients that will be beneficial to your skin.

4. Prevent skin irritation with turmeric

We cannot argue that 2020 is by far the most stressful year in our time and stress can negatively affect even your skin. For people who have acne, stress can cause irritation and further inflammation, let us introduce you to turmeric. This is believed to be our ancestor’s version of your acne treatments in Singapore today.

You can find turmeric in many things, including sauces, beverages and even face masks. The spice has become the go-to choice for its anti-inflammatory properties. So you’ll definitely get the same result when you apply it on your skin. If you are experiencing facial skin irritation or red skin, mix turmeric and raw honey into a face mask.

Disclaimer, do not be trigger happy when it comes to making your DIY skin care products

Keep in mind that people’s skin is different and that this does not substitute your facial treatments so remember to tread carefully while trying out new products, even the one you make yourself. Do some tests or contact your MD dermatics to double-check if the skincare product is right for you. 

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