10 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Will Help To Improve Acne

10 Simple Lifestyle Changes That Will Help To Improve Acne

From monstrous pimples to occasional breakouts, dealing with acne is never easy. The idea of being plagued with acne can cause insecurities about one’s appearance. 

But how does one overcome a never-ending battle with acne? Here are 10 lifestyle changes that will help to improve acne: 

1. Lightly exfoliate the skin

For those with acne-prone skin, it is advisable to treat your skin with care. Do not use physical exfoliants like scrubs as they can cause more irritation and redness. Instead, look out for chemical exfoliants such as salicylic acid that gently remove dirt and debris from your skin.

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2. Load up on superfoods that are acne-friendly

If you are constantly suffering from frequent breakouts, it could be due to your current diet. For example, chicken and milk products can worsen your acne condition as it contains high sugar content, resulting in altering the hormones related to your skin. 

Rather, try adding some superfoods like broccoli and berries which are bursting with Vitamin C and antioxidants.

For severe cases of acne, our facial treatments are highly recommended! With the use of chemical or natural products, it gently exfoliates and nourishes your skin with essential skin-loving ingredients.

3. Avoid the sun as much as possible

As we all know, the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause irreversible damage to the skin. Particularly for acne-prone skin, the effects of UV radiation can lead to more clogged pores. 

Thus, it is of utmost importance to keep yourself away from excessive sun exposure by carrying an umbrella or using sunblock when you are going outdoors.

4. Drink more water

It is always recommended to keep yourself hydrated. In relation to our skin, drinking water helps to retain moisture while cleansing your skin and unclogging any pores. 

This is especially beneficial for those facing bacterial acne as water removes the toxins and bacteria from the skin. 

5. Only use non-comedogenic makeup and skincare products

For those with acne, it is always important to look at the ingredients used to prevent any further irritation to the skin. Be sure to be on the lookout for non-comedogenic ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil that will not result in comedones. Do check out MD Dermatics under our acne treatment products for the best recommendation. 

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6. Never go to sleep with makeup

The worst recipe for acne breakouts is leaving residual makeup on your face, especially if it is overnight. In general, pollutants from the environment can stick to your makeup, which breaks down into your skin and attracts bacteria to your pores. 

To avoid potential skin inflammation and breakouts, be sure to remove your makeup before bedtime.

7. Taming your stress levels

For those with acne, high levels of stress spell trouble for your skin. Whenever your body goes into a fight-or-flight response, it will release stress hormones. This results in higher levels of oil production in your skin, which can worsen your acne. 

Hence, it is important to manage your stress levels. Incorporate some lifestyle changes like getting enough rest and exercising regularly to curb your acne symptoms. Alternatively, you can book an acne facial for professionals to take care of your beauty needs.

8. Always wear sunscreen

Strong UV exposure from the sun causes the following consequences to acne-prone skin: 

(a) More occurrence of acne breakouts due to increased oil production on the skin

(b) The appearance of hyperpigmentation being more noticeable

(c) Acne scars less likely to fade

To avoid such nasty pimples from developing, opt for an oil-free sunscreen with a lightweight formula that contains SPF 50. 

9. Use the right skincare products

For every skin type, there are specific skincare ingredients which cater to them. For those with severe acne, do check out skincare products that contain natural ingredients such as Vitamin C and tea tree oil to counter them. Avoid occlusive agents like cocoa butter and petroleum jelly that have a greasy texture which clogs your pores.

Go for regular extraction facials in Singapore10. Go for regular extraction facials 

If your acne does not clear up, it is recommended to go for an extraction facial to remove all the gunk that has been clogging up your pores. With regular extraction sessions done by our estheticians, bid farewell to your blackheads, whiteheads, papules and/or pustules.

Book an acne facial in Singapore

Without a doubt, acne has been a constant thorn to deal with. From these simple lifestyle tips, we hope to ease your beauty woes. Here at Indulgence Beauty, we offer one of the best acne facials in Singapore. Book an appointment with us today!